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December 21, 2006



That is such wonderful holiday news about your mom!!!!! somthing to celebrate for sure!

Have a wonderful holiday!


That's great news about your mom and a wonderful Christmas present for all of you.


That is wonderful news about your mother! She and your family have been in my prayers.

If you continue to feel tired, you should have your iron checked at your next appointment; I have experienced prolonged fatigue due to low iron and have been struggling to raise my iron levels this whole pregnancy.

Have a Happy Christmas!

Sandra D

Great news about your mother. What a wonderful holiday gift for your family. Take care of you and enjoy the time off!


that is such awesome news about your mom -- definitely an early christmas present! have a merry christmas!


Merry Chirstmas Allison - what fabulous news about your Mom. HURRAY!


I think you should have a name the baby contest on here. I'm just saying.


Have a wonderful Christmas! What great news about your mom.


Have a wonderful holiday! I hope that the morning sickness goes away soon! :)

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