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December 14, 2006



When I was pregnant and working, I was waiting to tell anyone until I was at least 12 weeks along. (The doctors have a way with scaring the daylights out of you when you are a "mature" mother to be!) Anyway, I finally had to tell because I kept falling asleep at my desk! At lunch I would go out to my car to take a nap and my coworkers would see me in there sleeping! I figured I had better tell before I got fired! Enjoy your sleep now...heh-heh...


Oh my gosh, I went to the cookie website, I'm drooling! Maybe it's a good think I live so far away from Fort Wayne! (and I love their cookie jars!)

Carrie K

All shops tend to grinch me out this time of year (except possibly yarn and book stores for some odd reason..)

Those yarns you got in look yummy! I might have to indulge a bit in the new year.


I finished my last gift sock last night. I hope to blog about it this evening. I still have beaded jewelry gifts to make and some require stuff I ordered online from Seattle. They shipped Monday, and I better see them when I get home this evening! We fly to the Midwest next Thursday, so I have to be done before then.

Kohls and Target are the only large stores I can handle anymore, but I have never been a good shopper. I love sock knitting, because I can sit in our truck and knit and let M do all the Home Depot, Best Buy, Frys shopping.


Don't worry...everyone will understand! You are pregnant and you will be tired. Enjoy the sleep while you can!! Mine is over two and still not sleeping through the night. :)


sugar cookies are my favorites! Yum!


Congrats on the peanut! Yes, they'll take it out of you! Naps are a must.

I knitted socks all summer and fall, and was finished with my holiday knitting a while back, but still have shopping to do because, I hate to shop and avoid all parking lots like the plague. I agree with you, Target is the best.

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