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December 18, 2006



Earplugs!! I have very sensitive hearing as well as insomnia. Without earplugs, I don't sleep. I found some that are very comfortable at They're called Leight Readers, and are low pressure plugs, so they don't put a lot of pressure on your ear canals and cause pain.


This time of year goes way too fast - you blink and a week has gone by eating up all the time you thought you had to get that holiday stuff done!!!


That difficulty sleeping, it should only last for the next twenty years or so. :)


I don't know about not being able to sleep while pregnant (the Daughters of my Heart had the impeccable manners to gestate inside someone else and come into my life when they were 2 and 3, when I married their father) but within a week of living under the same roof, I developed a sensitivity to every noise. I've been told it's "mommy ear," and it's a very rare night that I manage to sleep through without hopping up to inspect the source of some small snuffle or creak. The only good news? I'd have never guessed I could thrive on only a few hours sleep every night...
Oh, and I thought there were two weeks till christmas too, so don't feel bad!


you know.. best to just relax into this lack of sleep thing, since yes, it normally lasts awhile. BUT, the good news is that you have such a wonderous prize at the end. You won't mind the lack of sleep at all.
Your body is busy on the inside doing lots of cool stuff like making an extra pint of blood... so naturally, you are very very sleepy in the beginning. It gets better towards the end (when you get the burst of nesting energy :-)
btw- it is definately NOT just a pregnancy thing, I though there was 2 weeks til Christmas too. yikes.


hehe..when i was pregnant with the princess and when she was still new and sleeping poorly i had to force mr. c to the spare bedroom because of his snoring. unfortunately even with my door closed and his door closed i could sometimes hear him. take naps while you can, your body needs the energy. and like teyani said, it isn't just a preggers thing -- i still have periods where i sleep terribly.

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