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December 07, 2006



You've hit the good maternity stores there. I almost lived in my Old Navy maternity yoga pants. They were so comfy and stretchy that I was able to wear them throughout. I actually wore them post too and finally just gave them to my newly pregnant sister who is due right around the same time you are! I also picked up a few things at JCPenney and believe it or not, alot off of eBay. As for being able to wear the same, I can't give much advice here as I had twins. I was IN maternity closes before the end of the first trimester and was looking at moving into a third size of them when i wound up on hospitalized bedrest and could settle for a hospital johnny. I gained a whopping 50 lbs which was amusing as I started out at 100lbs pre-pregnancy. Congrats. I wish you an easy and comfortable pregnancy.


I bought mine from Old Navy and Target. Oh, and Motherhood Maternity. For the most part, once my regular clothes no longer fit, my maternity clothes fit for the whole pregnancy. (Until the VERY end when some of my jeans wouldn't fit.) I wore mainly jeans. I found the ones with the band all the way around the pants were more comfortable then the ones with the front panel. But that just may be a personal preference.


I seem to remember someone I know signed up for a "maternity clothing service" where you went in and exchanged your clothing when you needed bigger sizes. I think she really liked it. However, I can't remember who it was, so I may be misremembering everything!


Congratulations!! That is so exciting.


I don't remember needing bigger sizes. I bought a lot of Old Navy maternity. I love it! I also went online to ebay and found some great maternity clothes. In particular I found the cutest pink sundress from the gap and I got a great deal on it. I loved that I could get away with a sundress since I was supposed to have a big belly. :)


That is almost 1000 skeins of sock yarn! Well, by my calculations, it is probably somewhere closer to 980-85 skeins, but still, WOW! that's a lot of yarn

Amanda Cathleen

holy crap, thats a lot of yarn!!
My first three pregnancies I wore over the belly maternaty pants (front panel) , this one I bought some under the belly pants (all around pannel) . Mostly because the elastic band that went over my belly button was driving me nuts and making my heartburn worst in the 2nd trimester. The underbelly pants aren't staying up very well now, as I've become very prego! I also have a very hard time finding pants that fit me. I can't bend over anymore! Since I don't have very many stores that carry maternity clothes, I bought all mine at Sears.


Like Risa, I ended up in maternity clothes long before most women simply because I blimp up fast! I opted for comfort over style. Sears had the best selection at the time but was often out of my budget so I bought plus size basics at the Stuf*mart, gussied them up or made a few things since I sew. Don't cringe, but knit pants (think leggings, not granny pants) and tees were among the most comfortable things I owned.

I noticed no one mentioned bras. You'll need new ones BEFORE you deliver, like around 8 months or so. Buy nursing ones then if you are going to nurse and buy from a reputable store (like Sears) with a trained sales person to help fit. Fit will never be more important!

And undies. Yup, they make maternity ones and I strongly recommend them over just sizing up. They are cut differently and feel better.

That's it, tempt us with more yarn. If I hadn't just blown a wad on emergency surgery and meds, I'd be ordering a few pounds myself.

Janet Richards

Hi - just had to comment on the maternity clothes as I just delievered after my 3rd (and last) pregnancy. I lived in Chico's Traveler's Collection for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. I had a few maternity clothes, but mostly it was Chico's. And it still works after the baby is born!!

It worked for me - I mostly had belly rather than all over weight. Anyway - hope it works.

I love the yarn on the site. I just got some Koigu from your site and am working on a pair of socks. For me - not for anyone else :) My lack-of-sleep socks. I'm doing a lot of knitting at 2am due to rocking Jada back to sleep!! LOL :)

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