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November 28, 2006



Wow - that Dove ad is very interesting. I always assumed there was some manipulation, but not to the extent that shows. Makes you think.

On a lighter note - love the Claudia socks! And I'm excited about the arrival of the Koigu:)


Congrats on the koigu! Going to be definitely ogling tomorrow :)

Sandra D

Koigu! Oh thank you for putting it up before I leave on vacation; I stand a chance of getting some!

I'm also surprised at how little the ad model looks like the real woman. And you know, there's nothing wrong with the real woman. I'm all for a program with the purpose of helping girls and women accept who we are and realizing that we're just fine. Of course, Dove is selling stuff, too.


I've seen that Dove ad. I was amazed at how much they did with the computer image. They changed the length of her neck, the width of her face, etc., etc. It's nuts. I work with 3 very beautiful young women (actually prettier than the woman in the ad), and after seeing that, I wonder what would be done with their photos.

I've not yet knit with koigu as it is hard to find. Is it machine washable, at least on a delicate cycle? I've seen the koigu socks people knit, and the colors are beautiful.


Koigu is hand wash. I do machine was my one pair of Koigu socks in a mesh bag with my delicates, and they do fine, just get a fuzzy halo to them. To keep them in the best condition, I do recommend hand washing them. But if you are gifting them to someone, at least you know they will survive a machine wash on accident.


Ever since Dove's Super Bowl ad last year, I make it a point to support them and buy their products. I am a program manager at a domestic and sexual violence agency and we are currently doing a lot of work with social change efforts to end violence against women. One of the resources we use is Jean Kilbourne's book and video "Killing Us Softly". If you ever get a chance to view or read her work, it is worth the effort. With the way women are depicted in ads, and hence our ideas of "beauty", it is obvious why self-esteem takes a blow. The goals are unattainable - no matter how hard we try to meet the standard set by media, we will fail. Thank you so much for posting this.



Wow- that Dove clip was powerful. I have a friend who knows the owners of the Victoria Secret buisness, and did you know thatmost of the models are men! (yeah - photography manipulation is incredible!)
Nice Stormy Days socks btw.


That is an interesting clip. A couple of years ago I had the chance to go to a presentation by a photo re-toucher. He showed dozens of photos of famous people and how he had manipulated the original photos. The craziest part was how he didn't seem to think that there was anything wrong with what he did.

I am glad that this is out there, but I am a tad suspicious of their motivations.

Thanks for posting this!

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