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November 29, 2006



I'm knitting a pair right now!! I have heard of people wash and drying them with no ill effects....Wonder why they just don't label it superwash?


Oooh... have to go browse now! I'm curious, when you order does Koigu ask you for a range/idea of colors to order from, or do they just send you what they send you? All of their colors are just wonderful but one of a kind, so I wonder how they do it :)


I have one pair of Koigu socks that have stood up well to many machine washings.(We wash in cold water only and do not own a dryer.) Better than some other yarns, I might add. While I think handwashing preserves the stitch definition and slows the fuzz considerably, we own enough handknit socks to make a machine load on gentle. The time saved combined with the fact that those who see our socks know I knit them to preserve my sanity eases the guilt a bit.

Sandra D

I only have one pair that I've completed for myself, and I hand wash and dry them. They're the most comfortable hand knit socks I've ever worn. Not that I've worn them all! I love this yarn, as my just completed order should show you. I'm so glad you got several of the lighter, "spottier" colorways! Thanks!

PS - My Koigu socks are getting a little fuzzy on the areas that are inside my socks, but they're wearing well despite that.


It really isn't fair of you to throw temptation in our face like that! Seriously, I'll tell hubby he can forgo a Christmas present so I can stock up on KPPPM...think he'll go for that?

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