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November 17, 2006



my favorite? I think it's the stuffing - hot out of the turkey, with all that yumminess .
Give me a jingle on the phone, and I'll tell you how to cook a turkey. It's totally easy, just takes hours and hours.
Sorry that your Mom didn't get astoundingly good input, but I hope that her trip was still worthwhile, and that they are able to help her.


Sorry to hear about your mom. It's so hard not having a clear cut answer. Sending good thoughts your way:)

As to Turkey Day? This year, my mom is in charge of the turkey (some years, my step-mom-in-law is). My mom makes a broccoli casserole that I just love love love. Of course, I'm not one to turn down stuffing either!


My Mom makes the turkey. One year it was just my husband and I so I cheated and baked just a turkey breast. My favortie would be my Mom's dressing. Dang it's just soooooo good. She's showed me how to make it several times and I still can't get it right. Prayers for your family - HUG!


So sorry about your mum. We're thinking about you. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Stuffing! I'm a sucker for Pepperidge Farm, but my sweetheart makes a cumin-spiced rice stuffing that is to die for.


My (now ex) boyfriend and I deep fried turkeys for several years. You inject the turkey with a blend of hot sauce, butter and herbs, then dunk it in peanut oil for about an hour. Crispy on the outside, SO tender and juicy on the inside, with just a hint of the sauce you injected!


Ooh, thanks for reminding me! I reserve a spiral ham and turkey breast from Honey Baked Ham... there's no way I could do the day justice :) One day I'll learn to cook a big t-day meal!


So sorry about your Mom's news. Your ick mood is totally understandable.

My favorite Thanksgiving food is probably mashed potatoes and gravy. And turkey. And stuffing. I just love the gluttony of it all.


Praying for your family.

I've been cooking the turkey for 20+years now. "The Feast" is among my favorite meals to fix, always has been. My favorite dish has to be mashed potatoes and gravy along with dressing smothered in gravy. Dressing made completely from scratch with homemade bread, onions, celery, sage and real butter. I'm drooling already!


I'm sorry to hear that the news wasn't what you were expecting, your family will be in my prayers also.

My fave from my side: mashed potatoes
my fave from hubby's side: cranberry jello thingy

A turkey is really no different from cooking a chicken, really! My fave was the one I cooked for then boyfriend, now hubby when his parents went home to their parents but he had to work. I went to his house and fixed Garlic Butter Cornish Game Hens. But, since I'm now a vegan, I don't think I'll be able to have either of my earlier faves(Not sure if my mom will make me potatoes specifically for me or not and MIL is heading to her daughter's this year.) Guess it's time to start making my new faves now.


There is so much fear and loathing about cooking a turkey. All you have to do is follow a formula in any holiday cooking magazine or cookbook, and have an instant read thermometer to verify the timing. It's always done earlier than predicted in my oven, so I plan for that. Also, buy good turkey: Empire is fabulous. Perdue is not so good.

I'm sorry your Mom didn't get magic bullet news. It hurts.

Carrie K

Oh, Allison, I'm sorry you didn't hear better news.


I do cook the turkey and we do a brined version that's pretty easy. Here's last year's posting with the recipe
Jason insists I make spiced cranberry sauce every year (and I do love that) as seen in this post from last year
but my all-time favorite must-have is the oyster cornbread dressing that my Alabama grandmother always made. To me, it's just not Thanksgiving without that.

I'm so sorry they didn't have some fantastic trick up their sleeves for your mom. Cancer survivors are very much on my mind this month as our Relay for Life cancer fundraiser page goes live later this week. Keep up the fight, you guys can win it!


I have had to work Thanksgiving the last two years, so I cook a turkey for the office. I'm feeding more people, but if it's a flop I can just quit instead of hearing about it at every family gathering for the rest of my life...



My husband (the ex-chef) does the turkeys (yes, multiple - he insists on having WAY more than we need for leftovers!) and he does all sorts of stuff inside the bird, outside and under the is soooo good!!!!! My all time favorite food at the holidays!!!


I love Pepperidge Farm stuffing out of the blue bag. In my younger days I was known to make myself just that for lunch some days. Now I just get it at special family meals.

Gramma makes the turkey, but Mum or Dad or I do the heavy lifting for her these days.


I make the turkey. A fantastic Cook's Illustrated recipe where you have the thing butterflied and then brine it and then let it air dry in the fridge. It cooks very quickly, is very succulent and you get A LOT of very crispy skin. Fantastic. I make all the sides and desserts too, but the Hubbalicious makes the gravy. I can cook a mean streak and good gravy confounds me. Funny. Because I make a great bechamel. Huh.

Best to your Mom.

Oh and I still love the socks- you really do rock!

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