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November 03, 2006



The socks I knit for my TT pal I knit with Claudia's and I loved it! I will definitely be knitting some more socks with it. Lovely stuff. The socks you received from Erin are wonderful. Green certainly seems to be your color.

As far as knitting socks goes, I would have to say that I am a selfish knitter. I only participate in two swaps a year, organized by a friend. The rest of the time my sock knitting is for me. I get testy when I have to knit with a deadline. I like to be able to pick up projects at random.


I love knitting socks for others! Especially my hubby - he sooooo loves them! It's nice to knit for someone who wears the item to death and really appreciates it!

Love the Claudia socks - and your toasty toes ones are a great color!


Claudia's sock yarns seem to pool in one spot for me and than be okay. And if you received the yarn as a gift, you have to knit something for yourself out of it.


The socks look great!!! I am so happy you like them and of course, you are more than welcome. I generally knit only for myself and could call myself a bit of a selfish knitter. Although, I enjoyed knitting for another knitter so maybe it has more to do with only wanting to knit for someone who would appreciate it.


Just about the only thing I have managed to knit for myself in the last 10 years has been socks! I love to make them for others, too. But the vast majority of my knitting goes to my daughters or to charity. The person I've made the most socks for so far has been my mother-in-law.

Haven't started holiday knitting yet, but it's in the queue.


Oooo! I love that sock! Great colours, and the yarn looks lovely in that pattern. :)


yeah - I began my holiday knitting.. I'm on the second sock(below the heel) on two sets of sock gifts.
Pretty much it'll be socks for most folks this year - I also like to get people gifts to pamper themselves with, you know, stuff you'd like to have, but never buy for yourself.
the Claudia's sock is sweet, and I LOVE those socks that Erin knit for you. Very pretty. She had posted some cool photos on her blog, and I wondered who they were for.


Man I had such a hard time getting this page to load so I could leave a commment! Your socks from Erin are awesome! I love the sock you are knitting for your SP9 pal - lucky girl! My biggest anxiety about knitting for others is that I do a really good job and that they fit. While so not on time this round I usually try to get them done; I think deadlines definitely add stress.

Enjoy your socks though; you totally deserve them!


Those socks are awesome! I've always loved the Petticoat pattern.

And the Stormy sock looks great!

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