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October 17, 2006



:) It's amazing the responses I get from non-knitters about knitting socks. Even my parents were amazed at the first pair I showed to them! Good for you for spreading the sock word!!!


You wear them! Yay!!!

People always look at me like I'm growing another head when I tell them I knit socks. I guess you either get it, or you don't. We won't tell them that only the really cool people get it!


That bank story is great! I'm sure I'd have fallen on my head if I had tried that.


Very funny story and I love the prototype yarn!


So did you offer to teach her how to knit a pair of socks? Or at least knit? We need more knitters.....

And I love the colorway. I am knitting with my Fleece Artist sock yarn right now that I bought from you back in the spring.


See, you never know... You may just have made yourself a new customer. Imagine a bank full of sock-knitting tellers! It makes me feel all nostalgic-y!


Awesome! Great limberness in the name of handknit socks, by the way! All the ladies at my post office knit, and even when there is a line, they all oooo and aahh over whatever handknit I'm wearing (or knitting in line.)

Carrie K

That's priceless! So what was the reaction of the other patrons in the bank?


I'm pretty oblivious to others when I'm embarassing myself, so I don't even know how many other people saw me! I'm sure they thought I was a tool.


ROFL! That visual is hilarious! Can you imagine the total mayhem had there been another sock knitter just patiently waiting in line and then witnessing the awesomeness of a sock-on-the-counter-show-off? rofl. Thanks for the laugh! And you go girl!

Amanda Cathleen

*L* Now I don't feel so odd admiting to showing my mailman my just finished socks when I got my last order from your store!! He was pretty impressed too : )


I love the colourway--and fleece artist. Very nice.


Good story! Of course maybe the fact you threw your leg up there so easily made her think twice too! Love the yarn; it is beautiful.


People never fail to get that boggled look when they see me knitting socks, or I mention the concept of knitting socks, too. Then they always say, "Make me a pair!" Hopefully they weren't all kidding because everyone's getting socks for Christmas this year. :)

Love that yarn---would love to see how it looks all knitted up!

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