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October 30, 2006



My favorite halloween candy is Reese's cups. My favorite costume wasn't one that I wore, but one I did for my kids.

My daughter age 9 and son age 2 (they are now 16 and 9), I dressed as a princess and a frog. They were adorable, but no one seemed to understand the idea.


Favority Halloween Candy - candy corn - I never had it as a kid, but fell in love with it as a grown up.

Favorite costume - Gypsy - my mother had the greatest 70's clothes that made up my costume.

Sandra D

Oh, favorite Halloween candy is bit size Snickers bars! And my favorite costume would be The Grim Reaper from the Ocoee Headhunt (it's a whitewater paddler's Halloween event on the Ocoee River in TN).

Becky C

My favorite savers.

My favorite costume was a last minute getup in college. I put on sweats, pulled back my hair and taped a battery to my shoulder. Instant Robert Conrad..."go ahead, try to knock it off." (okay, some of you may have to dig back a ways for this reference). Surprisingly, most people at the time got it right away.


Candy: Smarties
Costume: I went as Casper the Ghost, and my cousin went as Wendy. (Many, many years ago, as we were five at the time...!)

Melissa Wright

Favorite Halloween Candy--peppermint patties in the shape of bats;0)

My favorite Halloween Costume---I was a bag of Jellybeans once upon a time: clear garbage bag, filled with colored balloons, a ribbon gathered around my neck, with a tag which read---Jellybeans 25 cents a bag.


My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. My favorite costume is "static cling" just pin a bunch of socks and small items to yourself, add a couple of dryer sheets.


My candy favorites change about every five minutes, but right now I'd have to say caramel apples.

My favorite costume was last year when I dressed my daughter (then 7 months old) in a torn up shirt and black pants. I gelled her hair into a Mohawk and drew a tattoo and nose ring on - everyone thought it was great.


My favorite candy to get when I went out trick-or-treating was mini Milky Way bars. After that, anything else chocolate! LOL

My favorite costume was a gypsy outfit my mom and grandmother sewed and put together for us (my sister had a green skirt, mine was red). They sewed white peasant blouses out of dotted swiss material, and satin skirts. We had yellow kerchiefs trimmed with a trim of mini pompoms that matched our skirts. We got lots of fun, funky plastic jewelry, a belt with colorful ribbons dangling down, with a bell at the end of each ribbon, and false eyelashes. It is the memory of all the time and love they put into those costumes that prompted me to sew costumes for my own girls, year after year (and I really hate sewing!)

Thanks for the opportunity to go down memory lane. Happy Halloween!

Jenni Brown

My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. My favorite candy is a plain Hershey's milk chocolate bar.

My favorite costume was when I went as a witch. No one recognized me at the party I went to which was really good, because I didn't like any of the people there. It was for school, and I hated all the kids in school.


My favorite candy is currently Almond Joy. Yum yum.

My favorite Halloween costume was when I went to an (adult) party as a Hooter's waitress. Tank top and all.


I love Smarties, the American kind, not the Canadian ones

Best Hallowe'en costume as a kid? I went as a gypsy practically every year. Except the year my mother was too tired and sent us out in our Brownie uniforms! :D


Candy: I love candy corn. Love it love it love it.

Costume: One year, my sister made me an amazing robot costume. She took a big box and cut a hole in the top to fit over my head, then covered it in tin foil. Then she made me silver things to wear over my arms and legs, painted my face silver and made a silver hat. I looked great!

Then at the first house, I realized that the box fitted down over my knees, so I couldn't climb up the stairs to the front door. Figures, right? :)


Favorite candy - the peanut butter chewies wrapped in black and orange papter.

My mother made me a pink flannel bunny costume when I was 2 or 3. I even had a hat with ears with wire in them. I entered the town costume contest and won 3 years in a row wearing that costume. I loved it!


My favourite halloween candy is Kraft Caramels... if I buy them before halloween, it's only with *great* difficulty that I'll have any left to hand out to the kids. And if there is any left over from that, it certainly doesn't last long!

My favourite costume growing up was a horse costume. I was so sad when I grew out of it!


My favorite Halloween candy is the candied apples Mom made when I was a kid and then after that of course candy corns. My favorite costume was Sylvester (the cartoon cat) made for my oldest boy when he was 7 or 8.


My favorite Halloween candy -- Candy Corn!

My favorite Halloween costume -- One year (a long time ago) I dressed up as Smurfette. However, I did not paint my face blue. I wore blue eyeshadow instead.


Favorite Halloween candy = Snickers. I always raid the kids bags for these!!

Favorite costume = Witch. I dressed up as a witch several years as a kid.


My favorite Halloween candy is Baby Ruth candy bars. And my favorite costume was a witch. I was always a witch.


Candy Corn. I love it but only feel good about eating it in October.

My best costume was Wonder Woman when I was 6. My Mom made it for me and I still keep a picture of myself in that costume on my fridge. I love it that much.


Favorite Trick or Treat candy : Tootsie Rolls! I would dump my cand out on the floor, pull out all the tootsie rolls and save them for last!

Favorite costume : I was Princess Leia (my hair was actually long enough to do the cinnamon buns on the side of my head!!!)


Favorite Candy: Twix
Favorite Costume: A dog costume that my Mother made that was exactly like my English Springer Spaniel "Sybil." I wore that costume for years (even long after it really fit!).


Favorite Candy: M&M's
Favorite Costume: Jack-in-the-Box. I kept getting stuck in doorways, and bumping into people at the party, but still so much fun =)


Favorite candy: Mounds

Favorite Costume: When my 6 yr old dressed up as a blue lego. We spray painted a box, and a bunch of gladware bowls, and glued the bowls on as the "dots"... Every year I try to get the kids to do a lego family, they've resisted. For now :)


Fun! :)

My favorite candy? The tiny reese's peanut butter cups.
My favorite costume? A big plastic over the head mask with tiny little faces and heads on it. I wore this in high school (about 16 years old), with my hair tucked under and on my back (its been waist length for forever!)... and *no one* knew who I was. Lots of people came up to me asking about who was under the mask, and one guy said "hey, you know you walk like a girl?" :)


My favorite Halloween candy is gummy bears or anything with coconut. And my favorite Halloween costume was the one when I was in first grade. I was Mary Poppins complete with a hat and and an umbrella. I no longer have the hat or umbrella but I still have the dress. Of course it doesn't fit any more but I am just happy to still have that costume still.

candy: chocolate almonds

costume: kimono


My favourite Halloween candy is my grandma's homemade fudge, but if I have to pick a commercial kind I'll go with the mini Reese's cups.

My favourite Halloween costume is a frog costume that was made for my dad by a friend who has since died. I wore it three years in a row, when I was 10-12 or so. It still fits me (and Dad), but neither of us have gotten dressed up in a long time.

Caroline Hopkin

Favorite candy: Candy Corn

Favorite costume: Skeleton, but a friendly one!


What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Caramel! As in, the ones you're supposed to dip apples into, but never make it to that point at my house.

What was your favorite Halloween costume?
When I was hugely pregnant with my son, I wore a nun's habit and carried a fake cigarette around in my mouth. Yes, I like irreverent costumes!


Favorite halloween candy is those mini Reese's peanut butter cups.

Favorite costume is any kind of costumes on pets. They're adorable!


My favorite candy is good old candy corn.

My favorite costume is to dress up as a black cat! I have had two black cats as pets and they've always been my favorites! I still miss the last one, who was 16 when he died. He used to help me knit! LOL!


I love all candy, but my favorite Halloween indulgence is Candy Corn! I can't get enough of the stuff!
My favorite costume I've worn is the year I dressed up as a Tigerlilly. My best friend was a Daisy, and her 6 mo. old son was a bee. The two of us girls had painted faces, posterboard headdresses, and felt "leaf" hands. It was loads of fun.


Favorite candies: I just love Reese Peanut Cup.
Favorite costume: Devil dress in red with pitchfork. My college design major friend made it for me.


Fav candy? the little hersheys bars
Fav costume? the witches costume my grandmother made for me when I was 3. And yeah I still have it


My favorite candies are caramels.

My favorite Halloween costume was when my mother converted my pink footie-pajamas into a bunny outfit, with a pom-pon tail. I think I was 6.


My favorite Halloween candy is ... all of it! No, seriously, I like candy corn and I like Reese's sticks.

My favorite costume was from when I was a hippie. I had an outfit and accessories of my mom's from the 60s and carried a protest sign...

Marti Johnson

My favorite candy were the dark chocolate/mini-mints. Still crave them!

My favorite costume that I wore to an office party was an "Elvira" dress I'd made, with black mesh stockings, 5-inch red heels, a long red satin devil tail & red satin horns. At the time I had masses of platinum/white hair, so I called myself "Elvira gone to the Devil".


Favorite candy: Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Favorite costume: Flapper. I was the only girl in 8th grade to show up to our Halloween dance as a flapper. I am not sure the other kids knew what to make of me!


Mini Heath bars!
A mouse costume that my mom made out of fine wale corduroy in gray and it had a leather tail!

Carrie K

Favorite Halloween candy: Reese's peanut butter cups.

Favorite Halloween costume: the year I made my best friend's daughter a fairy princess costume. It came out gorgeous in pink cotton/tulle/velvet, she was adorable in it, with a wand and a crown, pirouetting and dancing around. The next year? She was an axe murderer. Kids.


My favorite Halloween candy is full-sized candy bars. Of any kind.

My favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed as a male garden gnome a couple of years ago. I had the bushiest fake beard ever made. It was stellar.


Favorite candy . . . . little packages of raisinettes.

Favorite costume . . . when I dressed up like a chef.


My favorite Halloween candy: Caramel Apple Pops (suckers) - Yum!
Favorite costume: Snow White - I even dyed my hair black:)


My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. There wasn't any at the store on Friday!

My favorite Halloween costume was one I wore one year in college, escorting some kids around for trick-or-treating. I had a long (floor-length), dark green cape with large hood (could pull it completely over the face). Under this I wore all black -- shoes, pants, shirt. I pulled the cape down so I could just see out, and stood at the street while the kids went to the doors.


Favorite Candy is dark chocolate covered marzipan.
Favorite costume is a 101 dalmation dog costume I made for one of my kids...soft, white, cute!

Jenny Raye

Fav candy: caramellos

Fav costume: Has to be the pink ballerina costume my baby girl wore at 2, the same year 5yo son was a cowboy. They were so cute! Now they are 17 and 14....good grief!


Mini Reese's cups.

Best costume I ever wore was Kermit the Frog. Cute, cute, cute!


My favorite Halloween candy was called "fudgies" and they only came out at Halloween. They stopped making them several years ago; I guess I was the only one who liked them. I still look for them on the candy isle each year. Fav. costume was the year I was an angel, not very scary, but I "thought" that I looked beautiful. I was about 7 or 8. Halloween is still my favorite holiday! :-)


Favorite candy: This was hard because I loooove candy, but I will pick Mallo Cups.

Favorite costume: A darling clown costume that I made for my toddler sized daughter. We put red circles on her cheeks and I made a long pointy clown hat with pom poms to go with it. All 3 of my kids wore it and everyone just loved it. They always got tons of candy when wearing that costume. Sadly they have all outgrown it! :(


My favorite candy is Lindt truffles. You don't get too many of those while trick or treating ;)

I dressed up as a princess EVERY year! I just loved all the frills and fluff. I even had angel wings and a wand made by my grandma... man, that was a lot of fun!


My favorite candy is Reese's peanut butter cups (the little ones are great.)

My favorite costume I wore growing up was Charlie Chaplin. I was an original little kid!


My favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls and my favorite costume was one I made for my husband, he was my knight in shining armor.


My favorite candy is tootsie rolls and my favorite costume was a hillbilly. I was in high school and we went as a large group.


my fave halloween candies: tootsie rolls
my fave costume: dressing up as a flapper in a slinkier dress than i would normally have the nerve for! i liked all the fringe (weird, i know)


My favorite Halloween candy is little Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. When I was little (probably five or six) I was Rainbow Brite. That is still my all-time favorite costume!


Favorite candy: those little boxes of nerds

Favorite costume: very hard to say. I'm one of those geeks that starts planning the next year's costume in November. I'm proud of all of them. I made a very dapper Mad Hatter this year. Couldn't convince my man to be Alice, though.


Favorite Candy: Candy Corn

Favorite Costume: I was a bookworm my freshman year in high school, complete with a body-size page copied out of Webster's Dictionary!


Favorite Halloween Candy is Candy/Indian Corn.
Favorite Halloween Costume was the Pumpkin costume my mother made for me when I was about 6 years old. We stuffed it with tissue paper, and I wore green tight and a green plastic hat with plastic vine hanging off of it. I remember being at the city ball field for some costume contest and being up on a stage scared slam to death! And then there were greased pole contest and who knows what else! I think I wore it for several years... this was way back in the early 60's. My mom made up the pattern, though I have since seen them available commercially (both as patterns and ready-made costumes). Her's was way cooler, of course. LOL!


Mmmm, 3 Musketeers, especially frozen leftovers.

Over 60 years ago (yes!), I was a gypsy. Every part of my costume was made by my mother, lots of her hand embroidery included. I think I may still have the skirt somewhere, saver that I am.


My favorite Halloween candy is the Truffle Witch by Russell Stover - it's a chocoholic's dream!

Favorite costume is the ice cream sundae that my daughter wore when she was 6 - I started the sewing on it, but being a sort of last minute person, my wonderful sister- in-law finished it for me and she did a fabulous job - it was the hit of the party....and won first prize, too!


Just about anything containing chocolate is my favorite Halloween candy! If I have to pick just one, though, it would probably be the little Snickers bars.

My favorite costume is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It's the shoes :)


It may seem unseemly, but I like candy corn. Just a few. And only on Halloween.

My favorite costume is pretty much any little kid dressed up as a vegetable. There are some great tomato, pumpkin, and eggplant costumes out there; I just wish I looked half as cute in one...


Candy: mini Snickers or Hershey's Kisses
Costume: waaaay back in the day (when I was five) I went as a TV. It was a painted cardboard box with a big cut-out, and I wore a mask inside. Clever, eh? Well, we lived in the country, so we had to drive to trick-or-treat. All I remember is how hard it was to maneuver in and out of the car in that costume!



My favorite costume has to be a Bee - both my little cousin when she was 3 and my best friends little girl when she was 2 dressed up as bee's - they looked so cute I couldn't stand it!!!!


My favorite candy: Bit O' Honey

My fave costume: A ghostbuster's costume back when it was first out. I used one of my dad's light brown mechanic's uniform, drew the ghostbusters form. I used one of those rubber hoses that you attach to a faucet to make a little shower thing and attached it to a cardboard box decorated appropriately. It was easy to move in and worked well, and no one else was dressed like that. Unfortunately I went to a Halloween party that we held in a barn and ended up having trouble breathing and hives because of the hay and had to leave early. :(


Fav candy? Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Fav costume? Fairy princess!


Happy Halloween!

Favorite Candy: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups naturally :)

Favorite Costume: Must be the Scarlet O'Hara dress my mom made for me my senior year of high complete with fan, floppy hat and hoops (converted hula hoops too!).

Jackie C

My favorite candy is salt water taffy.

Favorite costume was wonder woman!


OK, dating myself here, but the candy - Abba Zabba! Do they still make that?

My favorite costume - I made myself a Black Widow costume. As an adult. Don't ask. I have pics somewhere in that "I don't want to look at this again" pile.


I loved Bazooka bubblegum. I know it's not candy -- and no, I never swallowed it. But it was my favorite treat. I bartered "Milky Way" and "Three Musketeers" bars and then stuffed as much Bazooka into my mouth as possible, trying to blow the world's biggest bubble.

Favorite costume: Baton twirler. I wore a bright red mini skirt and white go-go boots and borrowed a neighbor's baton. I was convinced I raised the entertainment quotient when I twirled the baton at every door. (Yes, my dorkiness was apparent at a very early age.)


My favorite is chocolate covered caramel or toffee. My favorite costume was the year I went as a well padded German putzfrau.

Happy Halloween!


Favorite candy: Candy corn
Favorite costume: toga


Favorite candy: M&Ms. Love the new Halloween colors!

Costume: Fat Farmer. I was a fat farmer for almost all of junior high and high school. My mom had an ancient pair of stripey overalls from a (big) farmer relative of hers, and we cut off the legs, put a pillow in the belly, added a plaid shirt and straw hat, and called it a farmer. I have no idea why.


Favorite candy growing up - Reese's PB cups, hands down, but nowadays Take 5's are giving them a run for their money.

Favorite costume - last year my DH and I did Mario and Princess - that was a fun one.


What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

I have an AWESOME Christmas tree costume complete with battery operated lights and a star for my head.


My favorite Halloween candy was Milky Way candy bars. Favorite costume was probably the year I went as a hippie. :-)


My favorite halloween candy are those chewy peanut butter candies that come wrapped in either a black or orange piece of waxed paper. My favorite halloween costume was when I was in the seventh grade and dressed up as Pippi Longstockings. I looked pretty ridiculous if I do say so myself. It also didn't help that almost everyone who asked what I was dressed up as didn't know who that was! Harumph!


Fav candy - carmels
Fav costume - wicked with complete with green face and a hideous mole.


Favorite halloween candy - bite size Snickers. Yum.

Favorite halloween costume - One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater when I was in Junior High. I had green food coloring all over my body, which doesn't make much sense if I was supposed to be purple. Or, maybe I only ate purple people?


What fun!
My fav candy: small packs of plain M&Ms and mini M&Ms mixed together.
My fav costume: I've had some great costumes over the years, and they've changed a lot since I've become an adult. (I still love dressing up for Halloween.) But my most memorable costume was when I was 5 or 6, and I was a box of cereal. My mother made the costume and it was very intricate and detailed. I forget which brand of cereal or even why I would be such a thing, but I was and I loved it. I remember that it was very difficult to move around and I couldn't even make my hands meet in front of me to hold my bag open, but I loved that costume.

Thanks for invoking great memories.


Favorite Halloween Candy: Those bite-size, chewy peanut butter candies. Delish!

Favorite Halloween Costume: My husband and I are both well over 6 feet tall. One year, we attached shoes to our knees, and, walking on them, sang "The Lollipop Guild" (from Wizard of Oz) in an ill-fated attempt to be Munchkins. Good times.


I crave me some candy corn right about now...
and my best childhood costume- Miss Piggy... My favorite adult costume- an oompa loompa :)

Lauren M.

Favorite candy: Bottle Caps. Now I think they are yucky, but then...yum.
Favorite costume: Mad Scientist. My mom sewed a white lab coat and I had bright lime green rubber gloves and a messy knotty wig. I wore safety goggles and had a beaker with dry ice in it that smoked.

knit_tgz (Tania)

We don't have Halloween over here :(


Favorite Candy: Anything with chocolate, no nuts - not a peanut or an almond, but caramel is AOK.

Favorite Costume: Does anyone remember the White and Black Generic packaging in the 80s? It made a great costume, white pants and a white tee with a Bar Code on it - easy, cheap, comfortable.


Favorite Candy - It's a tie between caramels and those little tart/chalky candies that were wraped together in plastic in pastel shades. Loved those things but I have no idea what they were called.

Favorite Halloween Costume: Most years as a kid I went out as some kind of clown because the costume easily fit over my snowsuit! I have to say, then it wasn't my favorite but now thinking about it, I looked pretty cute and it was really comfortable! :)


When I was about 5 I had a ghost costume made out of a pillowslip, it was great.


Crunch bars or sprees. It's a toss up.

My favorite costume was worn by my friend who dressed up as a Public Service Announcement. She was "pregnant" while smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. The looks were priceless.


my favorite Halloween candy are those little pumpkins that taste like candy corn!! I love them! I bite the little green stems off then eat the orange part.
My favorite costume was the year I went to work dressed as a little girl ready for bed. I got to work all day in a flannel night gown.


Favorite Halloween Candy: KitKat bars

Favorite Costume: My aunt made me a cat costume that I wore in first and second grades. It was made of circa 1989 fake fur, had spats, mittens, a tail and a hood. It was warm (a necessity in Chicago) enough so that I didn't need a coat over top of it. Another selling point was that I didn't have to explain to anyone what I was.


Gosh, that's a hard one. Caramel. Candy corn, mellowcreme pumpkins (but on ly a few)Gotta be caramel! Tasty on a green apple...

Favorite costume? When I dressed up as a cowboy, and my own sister didn't recognize me. :) Few eyebrow pencil lines as a scruffy beard I guess threw her off


My brothers and I would always fight over the Reece's peanut butter cups. They were always our favorite.

My favorite costume was as an adult. As a mom, I hardly ever even got to go out, but that year we went to a party and I wore a witch outfit. My husband kept telling me how sexy I looked all night. It was really great.


Favorite candy: tiny Heath bars.

Favorite costume: pioneer girl, complete with dress, apron, and sunbonnet, sewed by my mom when I was little.


My favorite Halloween candy has to the Sugar Daddy. (As a kid)
My fave costume: Carmen Miranda- complete with red sequined bra, fruit hat, red heels and flouncy skirt. (As a grown up, but before kids)
Man, put those two faves together and I am afraid of what that says about me!


fav Halloween candy? candy corn of course
fav costume? I once went to a grown-ups halloween party as a harem girl - and the only part of me that showed was my eyes.. I made them up with heavy black eyeliner and tons of shadow/mascara. Although many tried to trick me, I didn't speak the whole evening, (which added to the mystery) and no one at the party ever did guess who I was. Totally fun.


just one favorite?? hmm I'd have to say the hersheys dark chocolate and my favorite costume si the cowardly kion from the Wizard of Oz... and it keeps my kids warm.. (all of them have worn it now) ;o(


My favorite candy? Bit O Honey's. My favorite costume was one my mother made me (she made many) and I won the halloween contest dressed as a Can Can Dancer.


Favorite Halloween candy--all of the above!
Favorite costume--I was Delilah and my date was Samson.


My favorite candy is the reese's mini peanut butter cups; I can eat those babies until they begin leaking out my pores!

When I was in first grade my mom made me into a ghost with yarn hair (I have the whole ordeal on vhs). I won a little plastic glow-worm in the costume contest =)

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