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October 12, 2006



I love Alton Brown too; we haven't had a TV for two years but Good Eats was about the only show I watched (that and Iron Chef - hilarious!).


Sorry to rain on the making-your-secret-pal-a-CD parade, (and I know you're just answering a questionnaire, not advocating copyright violation) but as a professional musician I personally would encourage us knitters to respect copyright for music just as we do for patterns -- someone somewhere (like me) might be trying to make a living by making art, so unless the music is available for free download please don't copy it without permission. If we musicians don't get paid for our work, we can't buy yarn! Eeek!

Your SP

Hi There! It's me your SP!!! Im so excited and you seem to be a lot of fun, I will enjoy very much spoiling you :)

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