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October 14, 2006



Wow! What a great chocolate and tea box! I love the jasmine tea bag! So sweet!!


Cute sock blockers!


Lucky you! You know I never really blocked a pair of socks until I received my sock blockers. She's single handedly reforming all of us slack sock blockers :o)


I have got to get me a set of sock blockers from Becky. They are so pretty, and useful, too!


I love blocking socks - it makes me feel like I've got a brand new pair every time I wash them :-)
Love those goodies as well!


mmmm - tea and chocolate - not much can top that!!!! The merino tencel is great to knit with - I have a skein from Dave that I have swatched and love!


When I emailed my answers to the SSYC contest, I should have added sock blockers to the "Accessories" question!

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