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October 04, 2006



I love the knitting bag. I think it's so gaudy that it's cool. In that retro kind of way. Yes, it's a keeper!!


It's so retro! And, if it was your Great Aunts, all the cooler! You need something big to lug around a blanket!!


The bag is awesome!


It's horribly gaudy, but in a cool retro kind of way, that makes it awesome!!

Carrie K

That bag is utterly cool.

Log Cabins are addictive but yeah, not so portable.


It's awesome - something to be treasured, used and loved just because it was your great aunts :) Happy knitting to you!


Way cool! I was just looking at it and planning a trip to the fabric store. It inspired me!

Amanda Cathleen

LOVE your knitting bag! Its wonderful that it belonged to your Great Aunt too : )


Um, I want your knitting bag.

Put it that way!



definately an infinately cool knitting bag.
and I am sooo totally tmepted by the log cabin blankets. hard to resist !


The bag is awesome. I've been wanting to try those squares and am reminded that I probably DON'T need another couch project! But yours look super!

Beck in Fl

I absolutely adore the green knitting bag girl! When you get tired of it let me know! GRIN

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