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September 22, 2006



SAVE THE YARN!!! I just got my yarn order from you yesterday, and was SO pleased! The Schaeffer Anne is as nice as you described it. It didn't smell like poo either...


Oh, as for plumbing woes, the house I live in is less than 30 years old, but plumbing woes we do have. =( In the winter, toilet paper gets stuck on a rough pipe edge or something, and blocks the pipe to the septic tank, and then backs up into the tubs. And if you happen to have flushed the toilet, that overflows too. Talk about disgusting! I definitely feel your pain. Try chocolate and wine. That makes everything all better! Or at least makes you not care one way or the other... =)

Marti Johnson

My sympathies, big time! Last year our ceiling over our bedroom started leaking, the latest in a year of new leaks. Admittedly, 31 years for a roof with a 30-year guarantee was pushing it, but did the builders have to cut it so close?! In order to replace the roof, we first had to have a termite check .... done to the tune of $1500+ ... now need to repair/replace all the soffets due to dry rot damage .... and finally the roof. After all this work and money spent, you'd think we'd be ahead of the game ... what a joke! Next up, replacing the wobbly front picture window with a double-paned wonder-glass and a whole new front wall. I shudder to think of the cost on that one.

Melissa Wright

Sunday evedning, as we are crawling in bed, we notice the master bathroom is flooded, because somehow the tube from the toilet broke, and the water was dripping throught he ceiling of the living room. Oh happy day.


You're certainly not the only one!! We had a fridge we just replaced that almost ruined our kitchen floor because of its hidden leak. NOT COOL! My grandma always said: "A house is a robber!" I'm finding she's right!



I *heart* you all. These are starting to make me feel better.... that and devouring half a loaf of recently unfrozen zucchini bread.
Claire- luckily the poo doesn't at all affect the yarn business.... Just my sanity!, maybe it kinda does!


No able to use the kitchen? That's a big bummer! I hope things would get back to normal in your home ASAP.


No old house stories, but it might make you giggle to picture how hesitant I was to click over here from bloglines as I hovered over my lunch time salad! Pictures of poo would not have been good!

Hope things smooth out soon!!


We had an old creole cottage (1823) in New Orleans and reno'd it but man, it was a lot of upkeep. And we also had a Victorian in Laurel, Mississippi - gorgeous and lovely as the day is long but it drained the pocket book. Once it was all done and the major fixes were made it was grand but there was a rough period. I wish you the best of luck and clean breathing in the face of all the poo!


Oh no, not poo! I live in a darn-near ancient building, and we have a plumbing disaster every other week. Thankfully our potty hasn't decided to join in on the fun (knock on wood), hopefully it will skip it's turn in the bathroom explosion rotation...


Sounds like the year of the house repairs. Our plumbing did the same thing this year, though our house is only in it's late 20's or 30's. We had the entire outgoing plumbing replaced and the crawlspace pumped out. Fortunately it was just the laundry and kitchen water!! We also had to do the roof this year as we developed several leaks. We have a lot of rain, so it was a must!! I hope everything turns out well, and you get your kitchen back soon. I know it was hard here for several days not using the kitchen.


Sorry to hear about the poo! We did have old house woes before we moved into our new house...and now we have new house woes. Oh well! I hope that all goes well with the plumbing issue!

B. Rickman

I have an idea!!

Why don't we all just build sod houses and go back to outhouses that are heated and air conditioned. No plumbing, just the basic hole in the ground, lots of lime, biodegradable trash, (no need for a garbage disposal) and leaves. That way you get compost, no plumbing bills, and all the money saved goes to yarn.


My boyfriend lives in A 80+ year old house that has so many problems he doesn't know where to begin! We have this moving upstairs/downstairs clog that as soon as he gets the clog free upstairs it shows up downstairs and vis\ versa!I hope the repairs will not cost you an arm and A leg!

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