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September 10, 2006



Why not try a slip-stitch or herringbone pattern to really show off the colors? That way the patterning is simple, but really complements the bright colors rather than the two fighting each other. I personally love what you chose, so don't be chicken! :)

(BTW, get paid for the first time in a long time, and I'm planning on treating myself here! Too bad the koigu isn't here, but it seems everyone is having that problem!)


Wow, those colors really are bright! It's so much fun to knit for someone who isn't afraid of color. I think a simple pattern would be best for that yarn. Let the colors do the work!


The "My So Called Scarf" from Sheep in the city would be great! (you can just google it)


Be adventurous. Go for those colors. I like them and I like brights. The swap is a chance for all of us to expand our horizons.


Yeah.. I agree.. how about my "so called scarf" or, the wavy patterned scarf over on Not plain jane?


I knit up a Kombu scarf ( in Koigu Kersti and really liked the pattern. My scarf can be seen here - The Toasty Toes yarn is a little thinner, so you might want to play with adding a few stitches to the pattern.

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