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August 30, 2006



Oh, very wrong! I would be so sad not to get those at the end of October!!


Yes, I have done the walk several times in Chicago. My Dad died of Lymphoma in 84! The walk is a lot of fun and I would do it again. However the date has not worked out for me the last few years.


I love that sock. Red is my favorite color. This must be for ME, right?


I'm not telling.... it could be for ANYONE. Hopefully someone who likes red lace though....


Love it. Carole's wrong; it's for me! :-)


Glad to read good news about your mom. Wish her all the best.
And the Hedera sock is soooo pretty. I wish to make a pair for myself too ... but I haven't even made the P-socks (the other pattern by Cookie) yet.


Those socks are beautiful. You're right, the pattern and yarn are perfect for each other. I can't wait to see who the lucky recipient is (I'm hoping it's me :).

I'd also like to send good healing wishes to your mom. Take care.


Glad your mom is better - amazing what the human body can do!

The red socks are wonderful - my favorite colors are the "almost solids" the blue will look just as nice!


Glad that your Mom is stable now - hurrah.
The socks??? well, they look just MY size! hah! and I totally get it that you'd like to keep them. Whichever one of us gets them will be a lucky gal.
oh, and that deep blue is so rich and royal - perfect with jeans.


One of my dear knitting friends, Deb, just got an AML diagnosis on Tuesday and starts chemo on Friday. Our regular Monday knitting group at Borders will be in her room (or a waiting room) at Lutheran, instead -- email me if you're interested in coming. I know Deb would be appreciative of hearing how things are going with your mom.


The socks looks great Allison! And I'm glad to hear good news about your mom :o)

B. Rickman

YEAH! About mom and the socks are very cool!

Congrats to both the socks and you!



Just catching up on everyone's blogs Allison. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom situation, but its wonderful that she is doing so well.

I love the red socks - and blue ones with jeans would be great of course!! And I know what you mean about never knitting socks for yourself... seems to be my way as well.

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