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August 07, 2006



You're not crazy! :) That's totally my favorite color of your fleece artist right now... I'm in a tonal/solid color yarn phase :)

I loved knitting hedera... something about the purl sts and the twisted stitches is so satisfying and looks great.


Hedera has had me drooling over it too :-) I'm loving the Fleece Artist yarn that I got from you - so I think you made a fabulous choice!! have fun!


I can't decide what I like most about the Hedera pattern -- the sock itself, or the mannequin leg modeling it. :)


Those are coming to me right? RIGHT???? Awesome combo!


OMG. I bought Fleece Artist in Ruby Red from you. To make Hedera with. O_O Talk about synchronicity. (And now I feel like maybe I have an excuse to start yet ANOTHER sock, so I can knit mine while you knit your pal's.) ^_^


I actually made Hedera with that yarn... from you guys! :)


That yarn look delish. I am a pushover for red.


Gorgeous yarn...LOVE the red. And thanks for the shout out on the sock--yours is going to look amazing.

B. Rickman

WOW!! The recipient of those socks will LOVE them, I promise!! I know how you feel aobut making something for something else and playing that tape in your head as they say, "what was she thinking?" YUCK!! I am also careful what I send someone...even if they say "sure, I love that?" I will always knit the more conservative color...unless of course, they SEND me they yarn!!



Your nice comment and birthday wishes led me over here. I have to give you feedback on your yarn choice as well, even though you don't need it anymore: The yarn AND colour you chose is so divine. I am waving and shouting "Toasty Toes pal over here!" but I think I'm not the lucky one because of your hesitation to use bright and shocking colours in the first place.

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