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August 15, 2006



I don't have any kids, but to me the baby blanket colors are a perfect mix of colors for any baby. It makes me want to go knit one:)

Yea! Schaefer Anne!


Wow! I love the colors of those socks. Just beautiful!!

The baby blanket is fabulous, btw. Any mother would be thrilled with it!


love the Schaeffer Anne socks ! on size 0.. whoa.


The baby blanket is wonderful - so cheery! And I'm excited that you're going to carry Schaefer Anne. I've got one skein in my stash and haven't wanted to knit with it because I don't have any more. Now I can freely knit and know I can always purchase more from you.


I love the blanket, think its the yellow (neutral) that pops more than pink or periwinkle and that it would be an awesome gift for an unknown-gendered baby. Take this with a grain of salt though... I can be a bit lax on the "separating gender by color" department :)

Schaefer Anne, oh my goodness. I'm glad you are going for it, and have requested some nearly solids (they're impossible to find it seems!) The color by number is a good idea, maybe incorporate "ssy-141" or some ssyc designation in the numbering as well so people will know what "dyelot" it came from.


Beautiful blankie! I think it's PERFECT for baby (gender tbd). Absolutely.

And I love your window box. The impatiens look wonderfully serene !


Love the baby afghan, and no, it is not too feminine!
I think it's very gender-friendly.

As for Anne - I love this yarn and have Indira Gandhi and Jane Addams at home right now.

I have also found that this yarn needs size 1 or 0 needles. I have lymphedema in my feet and ankles and must knit on larger needles to accomodate (or upsize my ankle/foot/instep stitches), and size 2's definitely don't work with Anne. The yarn is just a tad finer than most sock yarns, but feels fabulous to work with! It's definitely worth the extra effort and time.


Great blankie -- exactly what I was looking for when I was waiting for my baby lo these many years ago. Brights work for both genders. Mine was a girl btw and still loves brights better than pastels.


The blanket is beautiful! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have many tempting yarns here so I'll keep checking back!


I think it's sufficiently gender-neutral.

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