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August 21, 2006



Yay! It came! More importantly, did YOU like the bag? I thought the colors really compliment each other!

Those Hedra socks are gorgeous! I so want to knit that pattern, but I need to decide on the perfect yarn...I think you may have just found it!


Thanks so much! I think the socks would fit alright. I didn't win contest very often ... actually this was the second time I ever win anything. So I did quite a lot of bunny dance yesterday already ... now seeing the yummy sock, I think I'm going to do more today! :)


Nice bag! I have some sweet georgia yarn and I LOVE it!


Leah, I liked it enough that I seriously considered keeping it for myself! That would be wrong.... but it might feel so right.


Your socks are looking so beautiful!
Isn't Leah's work on the sock bags amazing??? I'd have her make one for you to keep as well - I love mine.


Oooh, I love those Toasty Toes socks. And red is my favorite color. Hmmm. Those are for ME, right?


Please add Sweet Georgia yarns to your lineup! I have worked up several pairs of socks with the superwash and am very pleased with the results! Pooling was not a problem for me. The people who received them as gifts are extremely happy with the socks that they received.

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