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July 31, 2006



Hmmm, I like the summer fruit. What gorgeous, unique colors. I bet those would be beautiful socks. But, you can never go wrong with Lorna's Laces - those would be some Toasty Toes - "flame" on! Either one will be great, but I like that Summer Fruit!


Mm, I like the fruit too :)


I like the summer fruit - that little dash of dark color is great! (though you can never go wrong with LL!)


They are both gorgeous but I'm leaning towards the fruit one. For some reason the colors seem deeper and richer.


I like the flames...makes me think she can set the world on fire!! Or burn away her worries!!!


they're both so wonderful, if your pal likes vivid and wild, you're right on track!! The Summer Fruit has just that little bit extra tho'... hmmm... I guess it will depend on your pattern which one will show up best. flip a coin?? they're both great :-)

Sandra D

Awww, I'm a flames person. But I agree that the pattern would influence which I chose.


I think your secret pal might like the Flames, but I like the Summer Fruit!

Both are great.


My first instinct was the Summer Fruits (it's got pink!) But, after making the pictures bigger and seeing them side by side, Flames won me over. I like the fact that it's all hot, fiery colors.


OMG they are both beautiful, but I think I like the flames colorway the best! Very toasty!!


Flames all the way---they will be one hot pair of socks!


I think I would like the Fruits myself, but Flames just screams "hot."


Oh, they are both so pretty! Do you know how they knit up (pooling)? Not that I would mind pooling myself ;-) I like the Summer fruits a teeeny bit better because they show a wider colour range. But then, the Flames are just so hot. Sorry, I cannot help you decide. I love them both ;-)


That was my same concern- Lorna's Laces tends to pool more than Interlacements. I'm not a fan of pooling, in most cases, but I know that some people don't mind or prefer it! I wish I knew more about my sock pal's taste!


I think the summer fruits looks gorgeous, but the both look pretty great. I am knitting some socks from CTH potluck brights that looks a lot like the flames. I'm using the rib and cable sock by nancy bush from IK fall (05 or 04?). It looks great in the bright reds and oranges.


Choices, choices...have to say that the summer fruit jumps out at me more. That's my vote!

B. Rickman

I like both quite personally!

I know how you feel about your mom. Really...I do.



Flames, no doubt about it!

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