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June 28, 2006



I'm curious how you select a needle size for your socks. You mentioned that you usually use 1's but are using 0's with the Anne yarn. It doesn't seem like many people actually swatch when it comes to socks, but how else do you know what size to use?


Ooh, fingers crossed you keep liking the Anne. I can't wait to see it stocked!!! :) (Especially if you can get some solids/semi-solids too...!)

I like the 0's for the Anne too. Its so tiny and thin, but perfect :)


Yes, cotton sock yarn PLEASE!!!


I rarely swatch for socks. You're right. I knew though that the yarn was thinner and I would need to use O's, not only by sight (it's visably thinner than, say, an Opal or Fleece Artist), but b/c there are 560 yards in a 4 ounce skein. Most fingering weight yarns there are high 300's or mid 400's in yardage for a 4 ounce skein. Therefore the yarn had to be thinner than most other sock yarns.
It's turning out well using 0's so far. But SLOW.


My favorite cotton blend socks so far have been made from Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy. They have been worn and washed for around two years now and they are great. The colors have stayed true and they just keep getting softer but don't show signs of wear.

I'm excited that you are getting some. I've had no luck finding it at any of my LYS's (except for the same color I already knit which I actually considered buying again - I like it that much!)


I lucked into some Meilenweit Cotton at a LYS (I was looking for something else!). I liked it so much that I went back for more, despite my "yarn diet".


I really like the Meilenweit cotton yarns and would love it if you carried them. I have also been looking all over for their wool mega boot stretch and can't find it at all. So, if you get it, I will buy.


The Mega Boot Stretch is the yarn I've gotten the most e-mails about today too. And it's my fave of the bunch. Nice to see all this agreement!
Are their particular cotton colors that you like? Solids? Or some of the self-patterning kits?


66, 71 and 72 are my faves! I'm not much for the jaquards - I really like the trekking-like marled one!


those socks are beautiful ! And yeah, I also noticed that it takes aLOT longer to knit on size 0 needles - but the end result is wonderful. knit on !


That Schaeffer yarn is knitting up beautifully! Time to start thinking of getting my hands on some :o)


In terms of the cotton yarn, I would like solids, but the cotton fun and spirit I also liked. Like Stacey, I am not much for the jacquards. Like you, I enjoy the patterns in Sensational Knitted Socks, which often look good with a solid, heather or subtly multi-colored yarn.


Of the kits, I think I like numbers 64, 71, and 57 the best. Of the Meilenweit cotton, I like the fantasy, spirit, and multiringel best.

The mega boots stretch is neat looking... is elite a latex product? I have latex allergies. :( The tweeds look fun, as does that orange/red pair of Inca. :) I also like the wider stripes on Magico.


Out of those kits, I like 64, 65, 66 and 72 the best.


I like the mega boot and the scala yarns from Melenweilt. As for the Online, I like the 57 and 61 collections.

The Anne yarn looks great!


57, 61 & 74 all get my vote :)


The blanket is looking great--a friend just started making one at S&B last night, so it's fun to see it a few more steps along.


I Love them all!!! I just love knitting socks but am just starting so maybe I'm not the best one to ask but love all the great colors of the online sock yarn!!!


Love that colorway you are working on in schaefer.
Online, I like kit 74.

Mme. Defarge

With regard to new yarns, the cotton would be wonderful. Personally I've been having trouble finding a sufficient range of solid colors. I love all of the cute patterning yarns, but I like solids for cable and lace work. Since the patterning yarns have become so ubiquitous, the solids got harder to find. Please.

B. Rickman

I learned this spring how to knit socks with two circulars and now, at least to me, the size 1 and 0 don't seem to take so long to knit. I am currently doing two socks on two circs and it seems much faster to me. I don't get bored as fast and my mind does not get tired so I don't put the work down so much...maybe that is why I think it's faster.

I do more work on the project.



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