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May 24, 2006



Koigu. Stop my beating heart. I can now fully amend my last comment and say you are definitely a one stop sock yarn shop.


Don't let it stop beating quite yet.... the timeline for its arrival keeps changing. Good thing it's worth it!


Thanks for your comment on my blog! The amazing thing about those foxgloves are that they are mostly volunteers from last year! I'm praying that they just take over...
I assume you've tried most of the sock yarns you carry--whats your favorite? And I want to find a nice, heathery, worsted yarn to make my dad some socks but it has to be able to go in the washer and dryer and no stripes--any suggestions? I know you're incredibly busy so if nothing comes to mind I understand...

B. Rickman

Koigu....did you say Koigu...I must stop by more often and make sure I don't miss it when it does actually arrive.

I know what it is like to wait for patient. When what you wait for does arrive, the joy will be more than you can handle.


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