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May 16, 2006



Grandma's socks look lovely, Alison!

And I was just looking for some solid Opal the other day! Yay!!


Great socks - I am guessing that Grandma adored them!
ooohhh Lorna's Lace Shepherd sport... I'm hoppin' on over to your store site now..


The gnomes look like the underpants gnomes on South park. NICE WORK, JOE! Where's that project you always kidded me with??


Joe made those AWESOME gnomes? He's a keeper!


Hi there,

I recently received my order of Opal Rosehips from SSYC. It's gorgeous! I also want to say that I am thoroughly impressed by the service I receive from you and SSYC. If you ever need a testimonial, let me know. I have been completely satisfied with all of my orders and the experience of shopping SSYC is great.


Pretty Socks! I am sure your Grandmother loved them. I am surprised too you made a pair from only one skein!


I love the gnomes!


yea! I so love Lorna's Laces! I've knit socks with Opal, Koigu, and Lorna's Laces and after repeated washings the Lorna's laces is still the softest and nicest looking. What a lucky grandma to get those socks!

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