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May 08, 2006



Wow! Sandra dumpy?!?!?! I'd be in big trouble if my husband thought that! hahahahaha!!


Maybe he just meant that Sandra Bullock has a more down-to-earth appearance, although I wouldn't consider down-to-earth the same thing as dumpy.

I like the pattern for your Grandma's sock.


Love what you're doing with Grandma's sock. I have done that pattern too. Wait till you have it put it on, it will definately have pizazz ! Sometimes when you're knitting tho' you wonder. . . can this be so easy and still be lovely?. . . not to worry - it is.
Sandra Bullock dumpy?? no way ! He must be remembering the beginning of Miss Congeniality or also the beginning of Two Weeks Notice where they MADE her look sorta frumpy.


Thanks for the vote of approval for the sock pattern! My grandma has such small feet that I can't try them on to see. her: size 7. Me: size 11. I'm glad to hear that they look good on.
Yeah, I don't know what Joe is thinking. I told him yesterday how I was still laughing about his comment and he said "It's not that funny. I think that both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts just look dumpy." Wow. Now Julia Roberts too?!?! I couldn't fit a thigh into the waist of either of their pants and THEY are the dumpy ones?!

B. Rickman


I now have to get that book Sensational Knitted Socks! I have put off the purchase long enough. After seeing your grammy's sock, I have to do it so I have to get the book. P.S. Da Vince Code....hard to even believe it was a hit. Did not like it at all. Sandray Bullock might be okay for the part...just would need lots of make up to make her look dumpy!



Interesting perspective your husband has! Either he has eclectic tastes, or the rest of us are up a creek without a paddle if there are any more out there who think the way he does!

Too funny!


I'm dumpy and I'll work for half the price of any of those actresses.


I just followed Kira's link over here... good to know there are other knitters in this town!


Wow! I think Sandra Bullock is beautiful. But more earthy than Angelina. And earthy is good!

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