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April 13, 2006



I like the red, personally. But I like unusual color combos.


I'm a sucker for the red. It makes it much different than other colorways offered.


Maybe a deeper red, closer in intensity to the brown? Without being able to see what the transition looks like, it's a tough call. I like the color combination otherwise!


I think either/or would be great. Those colors are right up my alley!! Woo-Hoo!

Can't wait!!!


I think either a pinker more magenta red or as Shanidy suggests, a deeper red. Will you be getting Seashore and Parrot, which are shown as new for 2006 at the FA website? They are gorgeous (I also like the semi-solid rose).


Yep, we will be getting those new colorways in about 4 weeks. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the new colors!
Keep your suggestions coming- I need 'em, either here or e-mail me!


wow! that fleece artist color is gorgeous!!


I love the red - but I love red :D


I think the a lighter shade would look more like your web site, which is what they were going for, right?


Yes, that's what I'm going for- something that resembles our website.

R. Rickman

Late comer. Have not been to the site in a while. Don't like the red. Much too bright. A red rust to go with the brown would look nicer. The pink is okay too.


Mary Lee

I agree-a darker maroon would compliment the other colors better. Great colorway though! I'm drooling.


I personally like this special colorway. I kind of reminds me of chocolate covered cherries!

Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. Great job!!

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