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April 19, 2006



The yarn is lovely. I'm been coveting that orange and pink. Your grandmother sounds like a great crafting role model. I'm sure she'll love whatever you decide on.


What a special gift for your grandmother :) Can't wait to see your choice of yarn/pattern.

B. Rickman

I have to say I envy you greatly. You have a treasure trove of knowledge that is just too precious to lose. I wish I had someone like that I could go to so that they can sort me out when a problem arises or I can get new ideas from. Sometimes you need a pair of hand to look at when learning something new. The internet and books have their place, but a live knitter with skin on is at times, much more valuable.


Thanks Barb. I value my grandmother greatly- not just for her knitting skills, but for characteristics that are too numerous to list. She's my favorite person in the world- second only to my husband.


I've been lucky enough to get my hands on six skeins of LL and they're gorgeously soft and the colours are beautiful. I'm still deciding what sock pattern to use for them.

I too have KVS. I love it and am currently knitting my third pair of KVS socks (fourth ever pair).

I know that your Grandma will love whatever you knit for her and I know you'll greatly enjoy knitting them for her.

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