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April 21, 2006



Love that Opal petticoat!


I gotta have the Rose Hip! My favorite flower!!

And I am so glad you like your socks!! Thanks for reminding me of that during my recent period of doom and gloom!


Ooh, the rosehip looks interesting!

Those in progress jaywalkers look great, the tiny toes is a great pattern for them.


The new Petticoat colors are very pretty. I love the purple/green one. Opal is one of my favorite socks yarns.
Your jaywalker is looking good! And you're right, they will look perfect with jeans.


Hmmm, when I click on the Opal Petticoat link on the store site no information comes up. Is the page being updated?


As we only put on the website the yarn we actually have in stock, you won't find it on the site yet. It won't arrive til the end of the month, so there will be nothing there yet til it comes in.
Hope that clears it up!


No Jeans??????!!!
I can't believe that can be true.

I have to try very hard not to get dressed in jeans every single day! They are my favourites, and here on the oh-so-casual West Coast quite acceptable to go to work in (for an Engineer at least!)


Yeah, Opal Petticoat! It's so pretty.

And I also try very hard not to wear jeans to the office everyday. I usually only wear jeans to work once or twice a week.

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