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April 02, 2006



Have a wonderful holiday!


Have fun!


have a grand time!!!


Hooray for spring break! Have a great time off :)


Thanks for my socks! It's funny... they are PERFECT! And last night, I had my foot x-rayed (don't ask) and I had to wear "not snug, but fitted" socks... and my mom swung by the hospital and dropped off your package! :) PC *hearts* the coffee. He is surfing their site to find more. :) I have pics for the blog--- they'll be up tonight. Once again- I adore them. And i think it's funny that I ordered my sock yarn from you and spent HOURS drooling over the fleece artist. (ahem- specifically the rainforest-- you mindreader!)

:) Kate


Thanks for the quick processing on my order! I ordered my sock yarn on Friday and it arrived Monday! How excited am I?

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