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April 29, 2006



Man, I am sorry to read this. We, too, live in an older house and have had to deal with fixing the not-to-code remnants of the previous owner. We also needed a new roof, and gutters, and what all. Good luck with the concrete.


Vent away, baybee! The good news is that the roofer will make it right!

And that the sock looks lovely!


I'm sorry that things are so tough right now. House stuff will drive you crazy.


Oh, good house vibes to you!

I just started a new (mainly) rib sock, and have been "teaching" myself to knit combined in the round for the rib portions, which has made my knitting ribs in the round never look better,... don't know if you're having a rib problem, but maybe it can help? :)


I've never had to deal with a roofer personally, but my mother's roof was recently damaged by hail and they had a roofer come out to give them a bid, etc. When he brought the materials out and left them to do later in the week, my mother took a look. They were NOT the materials agreed upon; it was cheaper stuff. When my mother called him on it, he swore that it was a mistake and it would be corrected. He later said something about it was going to cost him more to get the right things. Yet, it was a mistake, of course. They told him to just take the materials and that they would be using someone else.

I hope everything works out.


Ahhh.. I recall "fixing up" an 1820 house in Connecticut.. it was much like the movie "The Money Pit". My heart goes out to you - AND I promise, that very soon, you'll get over the major hurdles and move on to just enjoying. It WILL happen.
As for the socks.. you'll get the right pattern - it seems that every yarn calls for something unique - keep on plugging away at it - you'll find it! I just knit some up in her slip stitch rib that are turning out great!


I totally understand how upsetting it can be to have your hard work get ruined. I am sure he'll make it right too. That is what insurance and bonding is for. Good luck with it all!

I also hope this is the "right" pattern for your yarn and for what you are looking for. It's looks pretty in the picture. :)

B. Rickman

And now for sock stuff to think about. is having a Mini Sock Swap for 2006. Go to the site and the instructions for the swap are listed. Also another forum
Socksforsoldiers is looking for sock enthusiasts who want to knit socks for our troops.

I know about fixing up old houses. They are like perpetual sock pattern that just does not seem to get done somehow - at least that is how it seems. Then one day, you close up the toe on that second sock...all the work is finished. You are so happy you just don't know what to do!!! Hang in there. This too shall end.


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