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February 01, 2006



Wow, great pics. I personally like the "spiral" effect and I'm never one to aim for identical socks, esp. in handpainted yarn. I mean, its handdyed for a reason; if I want stripes or symmetry I'd go for something like cascade sassy stripes or something printed/not handpainted, but that's just me.

The spin makes the base yarn look like the cherry tree hill supersock... (do you think)? I love cth's supersock, but I have to say I love the interlacements colorways much more.

My biggest concern is... handwash only? Kinda a bummer; I avoid sock yarns I have to handwash, since many are gifted and I don't expect anyone I give them to to handwash them (just knowing the receivers is enough to know it won't happen!) The Interlacements little toes used to be machine washable (I know its not the same), so its a bit of a disappointment if its not superwash. I know Koigu says its handwash only but I've read where people have machine washed it (something to do with the tightness of the spin not allowing the yarn to felt), but I've avoided it til now b/c I can't commit to handwash :) (Sounds nuts til a two year old is interoduced to the equation!)

But it sure is pretty, and I like the spin/tightness the yarn has. Not helpful at all, I know ;)


Aija, you have a good eye. The spin is something that I didn't mention, but is definitely worth mentioning. The yarn Interlacements is using for Tiny Toes is consistent throughout. When winding, I didn't notice any lengths of super tight or super loose spin. A plus.
I machinewash my Koigu, and it turned out fine. Perhaps when I machine wash this it will be too (she says timidly).... I'll let you know.


OMG, that is some pretty stuff!! I imagine I'll be poppin' over to your little market any day now!


It looks beautiful and the colors seem so saturated. Can't wait for your full report!


The colour saturation looks amazing! The twist does look very Koigu-esque, and yes, Koigu performs very well in the washer and dryer.

When I knit with hand painted yarns, I expect (and want) each sock to have its own "personality". The spiraling effect is one I adore, but then I also love pooling and flashing, too. Give me not-quite-the-same socks any day!

The yarn looks great, but I will wait for your review on machine washability before investing. Thanks for taking the time to test for us!


I prefer matching socks but am really trying to get over that. I will be curious to hear how they perform not being hand washed also.


Man hands are nothing to be ashamed of. Anne's got the gimp hands and we make fun of her too.


I'm not ashamed. I'm just SENSITIVE. Yeah, sensitive.

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