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February 23, 2006



It's so great to have them finished isn't it? I think I had a bit more yarn left when I finished mine yesterday than you did; but not much!


Yay for being finished! Maybe this will motivate me to get back on track with mine. I am sure your pal will love them as they are gorgeous! I hate it when I cut it that close with yarn...makes for a nervous last few inches. :)


Fabulous! I am sure your sock pal will just love them!!


Congratulations!!! Wow - there's a couple of people already finished with their socks. I got way-layed by the Knitting Olympics, but hope to get back to my Bloomin' feet socks on monday..
Your sock-swap-pal will love them!!


I had just about the same amount of yarn when I finished my Pomatomus' in Fleece Artist Merino... makes for a thrilling finish :)

They look wonderful, your pal will love them!


Maybe if we all hurry up and finish we can mail them early (the suspense is killing me). Your sock(s) look wonderful! Hey, while I've got you, do you know of a sock yarn with a considerable amount of cotton (besides Fixation)?


I know that Blue Moon Fiber arts makes a Sock Candy that's cotton and elastic.
I carry a Regia (in the sale and regular sections) that's cotton, wool and polyamide. It's even softer than the wool/polyamide. Jawoll also comes in a cotton wool poly blend which I hope to carry by summer.


Sorry if I missed it, but what pattern are you using for those lovely green socks?

(Oh and I got my order a few days ago -LOVE the Fleece Artist Rose Garden. Gorgeous spring colors.)


The pattern is Classy Slip Up socks from the book "Knit Socks!" it was just a repeat of 4 lines. The pattern went down the foot in the book, but I did just a plain stockinette b/c i thought the pattern made for a thicker fabric and I didn't want the sock to bunch up in my pa's shoe or boot.


Congrats girl! These BF socks are beautiful!! Love the color!

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