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January 03, 2006



Hey, I grew up in San Diego! Believe me, she will have plenty of opportunity to wear those gorgeous socks! If I were her, I'd take every opportunity I could! Beautiful!!

BTW, I love the Dragonfly Fleece Artist I picked up from your shop! And aren't you just a demon on the shipping? Sooooo fast!!


Chef cooked for New Year's and we had Oliver Winery wine. Then we kissed and cuddled at midnight before abandoning all pretenses of romance to play The Sims 2.


Oooh, I completely forgot about the Sims. Damn you! I told my self that I wouldn't be one of THOSE people who WASTED their time playing The Sims. Then I tried it. All the cool kids were doing it. I just wanted to fit in.... Then I couldn't stop. It's a sickness I tell you.


I know. I had the first version that I played non-stop when mom was sick and Jack got me the second version. We unlocked all 12 locations in story mode and haven't really played since. However, there's something really depressing about controlling the lives of people who have more interesting lives than I do while sitting on my couch not living my boring life.

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