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January 31, 2006



WOW! What colorway is that??? :)


It's color 410. Something I haven't seen before, but definitely like. Bright green fuschia, yellow, deep purple and gray. Tastiness.


Is it superwash like its DK cousin?


According to the label it's "Handwash Lukewarm". I'm going to machine wash (in a lingerie bag) the sample sock just to see though.


I light tighter fabric for socks, too. And I LOVE the teaser card that came with my order!! That is a marketing stroke of genius.


Please, please, please like this yarn! I love the colorways of Interlacements, but am not a fan of DK weight sock yarns. I would love to see this available.


Oh goodness... I sure hope you end up carrying that yarn! I am a fan of a very tight fabric for socks as well.


You have gigantic hands.


You have gigantic hands.No wonder your thumb wasn't able to move out of the way of the trunk.


OK, so I forgot your birthday.... but leave my chunky hands out of it!! heh.


I would think that with her gigantic feet she'd like a little looser weave, just in case they grow more. Heh!


Why do your best friends call you out on your flaws ON YOUR BLOG???
I hear that when you are pregnant, your feet grow even more. Could you IMAGINE how big they will be then. And NO, Mom, I'm not.

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