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January 09, 2006



Ummmm.... read your post right up until the part that says "have a couple months to decide" on a sock yarn for Bloomin Feet. You meant weeks right? THe knitting is supposed to start January 15th and socks delivered by March 31st! (just had to say that in case there was som confusion there!)


Yeah, nice typo, eh?


Joe's feet are indeed adorable, as feet may be, but I bet that means yours are too, since they're the same perfect-sock size...

Wanted to personally invite you to join in (if you haven't already) the 2000-socks party over at my blog. Not really a knit along, no pressure - I'm just curious if we can knit 2000 socks in a year, so folks are just reporting to me when they finish a sock or a pair or whatever, and I'm keeping a tally over there.....

SO glad you got more Opal in.... I'm not allowed to buy any more this month (ahem) but I'll be back!


So sorry the guy ruined your movie...I went to see Pride and Prejudice lately and the old ladies behind kept chatting and one said, "I just wish they'd speak normal English this is so hard to understand" Hello!!! It is English and please stay home next time!

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