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January 23, 2006



I really like Regia sock yarn, and took pretty serious advantage of your sale (happy dance), but am concerned - is the Regia on sale because you are discontinuing the line? Please let us know if you are.

Thank you!


Simply Socks Yarn Company is not discontinuing the yarn line, but from what I understand it is becoming increasingly difficult for the US distributor (KFI) to get the yarn consistently from the German manufacturer. Therefore, I am not able to replenish the yarn that the store is out of (because even the US distributor doesn't have it), but I am able to get some other colors that the US distributor does have in stock.
As Simply Socks Yarn Co. only puts on the website the yarn that we actually have in stock, you can order knowing that we do have the yarn right now. But once it's off our website, chances are we won't be able replenish the Regia yarn for awhile.
The reason the sale yarn is 40% off is b/c I recently placed a very large order, received a nice discount, and am passing it along to you all. I would have ordered even more, but what is on sale is representative of what the US distributor has on hand. Not many solids, jacquards, or ringels.

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