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October 06, 2005



NOt that I'm not excited about new yarns, but I just went to the Lily Chin web site and is it me or is this woman pretty stuck on herself? Is her picture on the labels, too?

Barb Rickman

Just came from Lily Chin's site. I think she is just doing what any good upstanding American businesswoman is supposed to do and that is advertise, advertise, advertise. Promote, promote, promote!!

It is the American way after all. It does seem like a bit much but people do forget you very fast in this modern world and if you do not keep yourself in the public eye on some level, at all times, you begin to lose notariey and thereby MONEY!



Wow, Ashley you called it- her face IS on the label of the yarn. Though you do have to give the woman her props- can't be easy to rise to the top of her field. And to stay there, Barb's right, I'm sure you do have to promote your butt off. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. Someone get me a martini.


Names are important. Branding is important. Logos as a part of branding is important. Seeing the picture of the CEO on everything the company makes: obnoxious.

How many boxes of corn flakes have the CEO of Kellogg's picture on them?

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