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October 29, 2005



I'd use the wine, and do a flat, mitered edging that is double-thick. Goes out, then folds back on itself, reduces back to the original size and is finished by sewing down to the back side of the blanket. It would look very tailored, and suit the basketweave. I've never done such an edge, but it sounds nice!

Amy Boogie

My opinion for the blanket would be an attached I-cord. My first thought was a ruffle but if it's a boy then a ruffle doesn't always work, plus the I-cord makes it looked very finished and is easy to do. As for color I'd choose the Med. Blue, white or celery. But then that's just me. :)


Yep, I was told the baby will be a boy. My first inclination was to do a fun ruffle or something- I keep leafing through "Knitting on the Edge" and getting these grandiose ideas of what I can do. But I think that's more for my satisfaction than for the baby! I should stick with something simple.

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