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September 12, 2005



I think it is great that you make your own stockings for Christmas; that's what it is all aobut.


Hey, just stopping by to say I'm glad you like my pattern! It's making me so happy to see people wanting to knit it. I love your sock yarn store, so many pretty colors!


Jessica, I'm so glad you like the store!
It was so nice to browse through the new Knitty and see such a great sock. Congrats on being published!


Hey, I knitted the Dublin Bay Sock and it came out too big. Does the Regia shrink any in the wash or am I going to have to give these socks to a Sasquatch foot?


Take a look at the post I did about the sock I did- the "Back to the Socks" in the August archives. I made some changes to the sock b/c I could tell it was going to be way too big- I only cast on 60, instead of the 72 (I think) it called for. Actually you don't have find the post- this is what I wrote:
"I'm casting on 60. Then for the ANKLE/LEG, my Row 1 will look like this instead of what is written in the pattern.
Row 1: K12, (K2tog, yo) 3 times, k24, (k2tog, yo) 3 times, K12. Then I will adjust appropriately as the pattern continues." By adjusting appropriately, I just mean that you will need to decrease the number of stitches between the lace portions so that they are still evenly spaced going down the cuff. If you don't quite understand, e-mail when you get to that part.


Oh- and Regia doesn't shrink, from my experience. Sorry, baby. Looks like you are going to have one sasquatch sock.... maybe it can be a small stocking. But congrats on your first piece of lace on a sock!! YEA!



Don't sweat the thumb! All will be will in time and the Falling Leaves sock will get done before you know it.

I have suffered for the entire summer with sore arms hand and fingers from carpal tunnel. The only way I can knit for any length of time is to take one ibuprofen and one Aleve at the same time. That way I can knit for an about two hours then have to stop.

Christmas projects at that rate will take me until I die!:-)

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