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August 23, 2005



I've never publicly called you selfish. I save that for when we've got you cornered.


Yeah, when I'm cornered, the typical response is "shut up!"... when I can't think of anything else to say, I'm not too creative.
But I'm still seriously considering keeping these for myself. But I say that everytime I try out a new colorway.


Hey I have a question for you, I'm not complaining first off, but have you had anyone that has purchased the parrot colorway complain that the turqouise color disappears half way through the ball?

I was knitting along, and I realized the parts that were supposed to be turqouise were no longer, I can see where there is a bit of dye, but very little. I'm going to post pictures on my blog in a day or two when I get a little more knitted of the second sock, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, um, experience.


I will e-mail the US distributor and e-mail you to let you know if this is an issue the have seen. If it's a mistake in the painting of the yarn, I'll take care of it. Sound good?

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