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August 17, 2005



It's not knitting, but for the love of GOD, WHY!?!? Check out this Fun Fur wristwatch band. It's, well, see for yourself:

Oh and Allison,you have WAY more interesting and juicy idiosyncrasies than this. I'm just saying.


Sweet baby Jesus. Why would... I mean, what... THAT IS CRAP!
Oh, and b/c you are calling me out of the quirks, I'm totally tagging you. You're it. Put yours out there!


Irregardlessly, yes, yes, yes!!! This would be on my list if I had thought of it!!!! Makes me crazy and my DH uses it alllllllllllllll the time. Of course, I don't correct him because sometimes it is nice for people to think he isn't quite as smart as he really is, snicker!

and the wrist watch thing, FUGLY (and in my vocab this is a real word)


Sometimes you have to use made up words just to express how horrid someone's design is. Fugly is a-ok. Alex, you're a better woman than me. If Joe uttered the word "supposably" I would probably smack him.
Oh, and have you ever heard the word "indepthly." A friend's LINGUISTICS prof in her Masters program uses that word. bwaaah.

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