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June 12, 2005



What ever happened to the project Joe was going to make for me? I realize that my need for it is less now, but who knows what could happen? I'm just saying.


Yeah. That's on HOLD. Permanently. I'm just sayin'.


You should set up a side business for selling Joe's pots. That platter s IMPRESSIVE! And it is an excellent idea NOT to complete Ash's project.


Joe's still trying to make platters that people wanted from his last show! The two platters that were in the show sold before the show even opened- and were actually both sold by the gallery TWICE. Which was a big oops on their part. So now that Joe has some unobstructed time, he's making some great things.
Too bad I don't get any of it...
I designed Joe's website for his Chirstmas present a few months ago- maybe we'll get the finishing touches made soon so it can go live.


Fine. Drop my project. But I'm telling you. I want a kick ass platter when I get married. I'm just saying.


Ashley, you make me giggle.

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