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June 01, 2005



I'm looking forward to shopping with ya. And tell Joe those legs look great :)...he's a blog celeb now. You could threaten to make him the official sock


Yeah- he could be the "legs" behind the business. We could even have the legs insured for, oh, 20 bucks (ala Mary Hart from Entertainmanet Tonight) to create a stir.


Hurrah! Congrats on your store opening soon, and I am very excited about it! Joe's socks look great! I can't wait to see what you are going to work on next!


Tell Joe to stop being such tease, I want more leg. LOL And, me too, I'm looking forward to your grand opening.


I've seen Joe shirtless before and he wasn't very bashful about that. Why his sudden modesty about his legs?


Oh no, please tell me that THOSE pictures of Joe aren't circulating the internet again. That's a joke. REALLY.
Ashley, Joe kinda likes you, maybe that's why he didn't mind you seeing him "sans shirt"....
With time, Joe will HAVE to become more tolerant of having his feet being on the blog, as he's the only man I have any influence over. You never know. You might get to see some KNEES.


Never mind Joe's legs, your floor looks great! I guess the socks are pretty good, too.

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