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June 02, 2005



Hey guys, please make sure you don't enter your answers in this comments sections instead of e-mailing them to I will continue to delete them for you, if anyone makes that mistake. Make sure your once chance counts and e-mail you answers instead to! If you give away the right answers, you chances at winning become slimmer!


Very nice web store Allison! I immediately succombed to the handpainted Opal yarn. One request -- could you consider accepting Paypal? I try not to use my credit cards, and LOVE web-based businesses that accept Paypal. I know they charge vendors, but credit card companies do too, don't they? Can't wait to get my yarn ;>


Congratulations, allison! I'm so proud of you!


I'm glad you like the store!!
I agree, Paypal is an easy and secure way to pay for transactions on the internet. For SSYC, it's on the horizon- most likely before the end of the year. The SSYC e-newsletters (first edition arriving soon) will give updates about progress like that. And you're right about credit card companies- they do get paid by vendors like SSYC everytime there's a transaction. Same as Paypal.
You're yarn is already on it's way! Who's the lucky person to get the socks made from your new handpainted Opal? Hopefully YOU!

Mean Mama

What super service! I ordered on Friday, and my sock yarns are already here.

Count me in as a sure-to-return happy customer!


I just got your 1st newsletter! Very nice & professionally. I must say you have a grand assortment of sock yarn, which is my passion. I intend to shop here quite frequently and will spread the word throughout the internet on knitting forums and word of mouth. I am certainly sure that information on this wellmade & fully stocked site has made its way around the www by word of mouth & on its own merit already. A superb site. Just what I have been looking for


Just got this information from another knitter.
Luv2knit socks and all.Love your yarn.Can't wait.

Kathleen Wierzbicki

I have a very successful group of teen knitters who meet on a weekly basis. I am a children's/young adult librarian and they all meet at my public library. We are currently knitting for the "Warm-Up America Foundation".

Barbara J. Rickman

New visitor. Entered contest. MORE SOCK YARNS, MORE, MORE, MORE! Sock knitters should rule the world!


I'm so glad to find this site! I searched for yarn, sock on Google and it popped right up there!

I took advantage of some of your sale on some of the Regia yarn. Can't wait to get it. I just finished a pair of socks and I'm ::gasp:: out of sock yarn!

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