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Well, if you want to learn about me, here goes...

I'm Allison. My grandmother, Eloise, taught me to knit nearly 25 years ago when I was 7 or 8 years old. The first thing I made was a misshapen headband to hold my hair back while I washed my face. The yarn was a hideous beige, brown and white (cotton, maybe) that didn't really do much for me. At that age I wanted magenta, teal and purple! But I adored my grandma (still do- she's the best) and liked that I was doing something that she did.

I continued to knit a few things over the next decade, but not much, and never finished a project. After college, my knitting-obsessed friend, Anne, introduced me to the wide world of wonderful yarns, and I have not stopped knitting since. I realized that the scratchy, uninteresting yarns that I bought at chain stores had not held my interest. Once I found beautiful hand painted colorways and soft merino wools, I was hooked. Still am.

In 2005, I started Simply Socks Yarn Company. Before that, I consistently bought much of my stash online and couldn't really find a site that catered to my new obsession, sock knitting. There were stores out there that sold yarn, but I didn't like waiting for 3 weeks after ordering only to find that they didn't always carry in stock what was advertised. Sock yarn wasn't a priority for them and not a big enough seller to devote inventory money on. For ME it IS.

So if sock knitting is your game, read what's going on in my world. If you want, you can visit the store at to see the thousands of sock-knitting-related items in stock. The store has great prices, fair shipping costs, and if you see it on the store's website, it's in stock and ready to ship. If you see it, you can knit it in just a few days.
If you ever have any questions, you're welcome to e-mail me at


knitting, spending time with my loved ones, meeting new people, kayaking, beach volleyball, watching sci-fi, relaxing with a good cup of coffee or tea