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August 01, 2017



Love these! I've done a couple pairs of socks, two shawls, and some other small projects. My favourite has been the Waiting for Rain shawl!

Corlene Forde

It's the year of the sock for me as well. I think I've knit about 9 or 10 pairs so far this year. I'm currently working on an Exploration Station shawl and I'm excited to have in done soon.


Socks for me too. I would love to have your new yarn.


In 2016 I was all about cowls, so lately I've been working on hats using this pattern:

I am just starting a pair of socks, though.

Catherine Hinz

I have knit a lot of sweaters for my grandchildren and managed to knit four shawls.

Amanda Stearns

Shawls and wraps,just finished one in Miss Babs yummy toes!!!


Strongly in the "other stuff" category this year. It seems like everything but socks lately.

Lynn Ward

I finished a one shawl, several hats, one pair of shorty socks and currently work on a cowl

Amanda Stearns

Me again! The pattern was Riverside by Katie White on Ravelry.

Liz Casciano

I have knitted a bunch of beaded necklaces and a few shawls and pairs of mitts

Deb Miller

I recently finished two Fade Shawls and am working on a sweater, wrap and baby blanket.

Samantha Hartman

Definitely socks. Been working on them as Christmas presents because my mom sister and i all have thr same size feet. I'm currently working on my first sweater. I needed a sock break. I'm planning on putting it in the county fair if I can get it finished in time (submissions are due friday).

Karen P.

Shawls now that I have recovered from a hand injury and surgery.



Michaela Babic

I usually knit mostly socks, but this summer I have been obsessed with Joji Locatelli's "Pure Joy" shawl. I have knit several of them :)


I changed jobs and now cannot wear all my hand knit socks, so I would make something dressy I can throw over a blouse. Most likely a shawl.

Stephanie H

By "knit" do you mean "finished"? Because, uh... that's a different question. As far as WIPs (and a few FOs), I'm more of an accessory gal.


I always knit a bunch of baby clothes, and i did a lot wash cloths this summer.


Shawls! But I'm about to embark on a sweater kick!

Natalie Hildebrand

I have definitely knit more socks this year than anything else, everyone wants socks!!

Mary Anne

I have been knitting socks. I was in rehab for two months because of broken ankle and while at facility (horrible experience) I knit a shawl since it was no think.

Nancy Iannone

This year has been lots of socks for family and baby items. Two new granddaughters needed blankets, sweaters, socks, and sweaters!


Shawls and hats, as usual, this year. However, I did knit a cute little cropped cardigan vest on request by my 8-year-old granddaughter.

Carol Bassing

I haven't knit any socks this year, but many shawls, cowls and other accessories. I just finished a Nelia wrap by Ambah O'Brien in Miss Babs Yummy 2- Ply Gradient.

Cindy Siegel

Socks, Shawls and Scarves. Pretty even playing ground. Love love love the speckles here!

Helen King

I have knit mostly scarfs.

Anny Overton

This year has been my year of the sock!


No socks yet this year, but lots of other things, mostly hats.

Christi Norris

No socks for me. I make shawls, cowls, and acessories. Make great gifts too.

Janicenice juneau

I've been knitting socks this year. Joined a couple of year long sock groups and have so far been keeping up with at least one pair per month. I'm looking forward to knitting a shawl or two for the winter!

Dina Powers

Knitting has been my therapy after losing both my mom at age 99.5 and my 19 year old cat at the beginning of the year. I have completed 29 projects so far: 2 scarves; 5 sweaters; 3 ponchos; 4 shawls; 3 pairs of socks; 4 t-shirts; 5 cowls; 3 hats. I also have a shawl, a sweater and an afghan on needles. So I guess it looks like I have made more sweaters this year than anything else. Thank goodness for knitting!


I've knit more socks this year than anything else, which is a first for me; usually I'm all about the shawls and wraps.

Nadine Bongio

This is my first year of retirement and I am just getting back into knitting! I have socks, shawls and sweaters on my needles!!!

Janell Stufflebeam

I've been knitting for myself! So far I've finished an infinity scarf, a poncho, and a wrap. There is a scarf on needles and a cape waiting to be cast on.

Diana Brewer

I have definitely made more socks! I really just can't get enough!!

Barbara Lynes

So far this year, I've finished 2 shawls and 2 pairs of socks. I have 2 more shawls started and only 1 more pair of socks. Which seems odd for me, as I LOVE knitting socks. But I've been working on hats for donation, and that cuts into my personal knitting time.


Shawls, definitely shawls!

Kelly Haskell

Socks, socks, and more socks !! 😃 Haskellyknitz

Tara Paine

It's actually a dead heat for me. I've knit 3 pairs of socks and 3 shawls.


Mostly shawls this year and a cowl or two.


Shawls! I've knitted 14 this year so far.

Isabelle Brunette

Thanks for the contest! For me it would be shawls!!! Made otjer stuff like photo props, hats, blankets!

Denise Farringer

I am working on a summer shirt with lace trim, finished a wrap and a scarf


By far, I have knit more socks so far this year (18 pairs and counting).
I have made some shawls and a couple,of pullovers, too. But socks are my main love. My favorites so far are these socks for my son's wedding:

Sue Boisvert

Other accessories. I have been knitting Laura Nelkins' Li'l Hearts with the mini skeins I have left over from the SSYC mini yarn club and other sock yarn leftovers. I have made 64 so far. I am trying to fill a gallon jar - long way to go. Some sparkly Miss Babs would really hit the spot - just sayin.. Gorgeous and fun!

Laurel Hicks

Socks, socks, socks.

Deb Scholl

Usually knitting socks for Christmas but this year I wanted a shawl.


Shawls, shawls and more shawls. 😊

Julie Manu

Most favourites this year have been knitting my first shawl, first pair of socks, first jumper for my grandson. I would love this sparkly wool to knit a glam shawl ❤😍


Socks, 6 pairs but some were gifts. Also knit 2 ponchos (summer and winter versions) but it is the chevron baby blanket that was so much fun.

Karen Hohmann

Sweaters for my granddaughter, socks, and shawls!

Elaine Boston

I've been on a roll for knitting socks. My husband really likes his hand knit socks, which is, of course, a invitation to knit MORE.

Melissa aka Witchknit

3 pairs of socks and working on a 4th pair (1 sock done, 1 to go)
2 shawls; 1 Feel Your Fade and 1 Hap shawl
3 shawlettes; 1 Close to You, 1 Dryad, 1 Equanimity
1 Sockhead hat

Not bad for August - most will go in the Christmas Box for gifts.

Terri Ross

One of my favorite knits this year was Kristin Kapur's Through the Loops Mystery sock featuring Miss Babbs! I've knit a Michelle Hunter baby sweater, a wool vest for me for the winter and have just started on a very patterned sweater (my first adult sweater) which I am quite sure will take me through the rest of the year! In between, I have been knitting Kathy Lewinski's tiny and wee winter woolens with left over sock yarn. A great way to use up those left overs and I'll have a fun garland of stockings, sweaters, and hats for the holidays. I have a pair of socks on the needles that are in time out! I am committed to their completion - sometime! I become an empty nester in a few weeks and expect that knitting and my knitting friends will be vital to the transition!


socks socks socks! But have a shawl, scarf and hat on the list for September!

Anne Marie

I have started a lot of socks, but no pairs! I have knit THREE shawls in less than two months. I don't know what came over me! I am NOT a shawl knitter, but I've loved every minute. Mid-life crisis?!


So far this year, I have made more shawls than anything, but I am just getting into a sock groove, right now. I'm thinking that most of my gift knitting for this year is going to be socks.

Gloria stevens

Not much accomplished this year so far. BUT I am retiring the end of this month and have again started on socks. I plan to spend time daily knitting or crocheting after retirement--have an afghan, 2sweaters for myself, and just splurged on yarn for a crocheted shell for myself. Also have 2 baby blankets in progress. Wish me luck for the rest of this year!!!


I've been on a total shawl binge! My favorite thus far (and I've knit two of them) is Fuse Fiber Studio's Exordium Shawl. It's a great 2-skein project and is a lot of fun to knit!

Kelley O



Chemo hats, lap blankets, shawls, socks, stuffies, baby hats, scarves... I have lost track of which I have done the most!

Evette Wissler

This year I have been mainly knitting shawls. So far I've completed seven, and I'm working on the eighth!


Shawls,shawls and more shawls. I love shawls!

Suzanne paquin

For me, it's shawls and socks, equally. Socks are so portable, and the shawls provide gratification of mastering a new pattern

Suzanne paquin

Shakes and socks equally. The socks are portable and the shawls provide gratification of a new skill learned

Debbie coy

I have done some of all of them, not more of any of them but I think it's socks would win for upcoming projects.

Julie Marshall

I've knit more cowls & scarves than anything else this year. I have 2 teen girls & they will -gasp- actually wear cowls & scaves that I make for them! I've also made a few for my mom and ok, one or two for myself 😉. I think it's time to move on to some new types of projects though...a sweater maybe??

Kristyn Zarn

I have been on a major shawl kick this year!


Definitely more accessories than socks this year - hats, cowls, sweaters and toys for kids. Limited knitting time and focused more on gifts and things for my girls. Right now socks for myself just feel too slow for some reason.


I've been knitting way more shawls and hats this year than socks. This is the most recent shawl I finished:

Joanne Christman

I go between projects depending on when and where I"m knitting. Right now it's a shawl with yarn that had the beads pre-strung and a poncho.


I think for me that hats are winning the FO race! :)


Probably half pairs of socks. Been a pretty random, knit all types year so far. Like to cast on and knit A sock.

Nanci Cartwright

I'm big sweater knitter but I've also finished a shawl and socks this year, and always have a small project going to change off with the sweater because I like some instant gratification whereas sweaters take a long time to finish. That said, I bought some beautiful Katadin (probably misspelled) yarn from Miss Babs this year in a pretty watermelon color to make Suvi's Perforated Sweater. It's in my queue. Luscious fingering yarn.

Karleen Page

Not socks... I'm trying to learn how, so mostly shawls.

Shannon Kampa

Definitely shawls. The every popular fades and trying to master brioche. Stumbled upon your website, the selection is amazing!!!

Laura DeFlora

A lot of socks ( right now with your beautiful poste corriedale) but mostly chemo caps - the Head Hug Chemo Cap free pattern on Ravelry. Thanks for the chance to win!


This has definitely been The Year of the Sock. I'm working on finishing pair #15 tonight.

Beverly Miller

A shawl, socks, knockers, scarf and baby sweater.

Mary Elaine Henderson

I like to make socks, dishcloths, bibs and plan on shawls but can't seem to settle on a pattern. I like too many of them but my skills aren't up to the tasks.

Karol S

I have been knitting shawls and am also knitting my first pair of socks. Love knitting shawls!!!

Karen G.

Socks! Turns out I've knit more socks this year than I realized. I really enjoyed knitting Cookie A's Lissajous:
And Socks on a Plane in Frabjous Fibers MaryAnn, U-Turn socks in Zauberballe, and now Victor from Op Art Socks to practise my stranded color work.

Love the sparkle yarn!!


socks, socks, and more socks! halves of two shawls and a cowl ready for cast off have been set aside in favor of socking.

Tabitha Burks

I've mostly been knitting socks this year, but I have also made a few scarves, hats, and other accessories.

doreen m gilmartin

I have been knitting a lot of shawls this year. Just Love them.


I haven't had as much knitting time as I'd like this year, so I don't think I've finished much of anything. But most of my knitting time has been spend on a striped chevron scarf that is finally almost finished. I just put it aside for a bit to do some swatching for my next project which will be socks.

Shannon Gratwohl

Shawls and scarves! I have a fetish for them! Currently have two different baby blankets in progress. One sock, I have second sock syndrome!


I just love knitting socks especially because they are so portable. I mostly knit vanilla latte socks or shortie ankle socks.

Kathy Stanley

Socks, mitts and two shawls.


Socks for sure!

Lorraine Chan

No finished objects yet, but I've started my first blanket.

Suzanne Smiley

It's socks, socks, socks for me! My 2 oldest grandchildren, 13 and 7, discovered that I can knit them unique socks just how they want them. So now, I'm knitting socks for 5 people, the 2 grands, my husband, my daughter, and myself


Ack where are the socks I intended to make this year? I have mostly made shawls, cowls and hats. I have made/finished 3 sparkly one skein shawls with Fractal Danger pattern. Been making 2 skein shawls with speckled. Has not occurred to me to use sparkles in 2 skein project:). Must try! Bet that would make a fun Sand Layers Shawl.

mary henaghen

I have actually been working on a sweater, highly cabled and complicated. When that's done, it's back to SOCKS!!!!!!


Socks because I take one to work on everywhere I go!


I have to say shawl. Yes, just one - Drachenfels and a nice knit. Have a pair of socks in mind, as well as fibertrends house shoes. Knitting is my relax time.

Geraldine Scott

Must be knitting accessories....because I don't see any hand-knit socks laying around,


My focus lately has been on knitting for charities. i have knit numerous blankets, hats, and shawls this year. I love to use fingering held double--the color combinations seem endless.

Elizabeth H.

So far socks but I have been working on a my comfy blanket and I've made a hat.


Definitely shawls/wraps. Lately into the really big ones you can really cosy into!

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