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July 10, 2017



I like the Oil Slick Colorway.
So pretty. I think it would be perfect for a prayer shawl.

Sandra Patton

😍I absolutely love the color combinations, I love the Cosmopolitan color and will knit it into a luscious luxury infinity cowl 💖

Christine Freeman

I think I will have to pick cosmopolitan, since I am a pink person. That wonderful three skein giveaway would make a lovely cowl.


Harmonic Violet in honor of suffragette colors using purple;) and make socks using a Pure and Simple pattern

Holly W

I love unicorn poop-just because poop! Hahaha! Maybe a shawl or socks?

Mary McAnulty

This is an awesome color combination! This combo would be beautiful in a So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry. Just the right amount of yarn. I love pink and magenta so my favorite color is Cosmopolitan.


I love unicorn poop and oil slick! I would make some sort of shawl/wrap with it

Marjorie Marotta

My favorite is Lilac Lust. It is perfect to make a smaller version of the Hitchhiker scarf and it makes me think of deep space where I can catch a ride on a star! :)

Rachael Patten

Copper Canyon is my favorite Goldilocks! I would probably make the Paperbag Hat by Laura Jones, or her Vertizontal Slouchy .


Art Deco, hands down, maybe mixed with Copper Canyon and Super Nova for a fun 3-color shawl. Reyna or FunFunFun, or Akira. Thanks SSYCO!

Rose Zukley

I'd love Supernova. I'd pair it with a tonal grey to make a Girl from the Grocery Store.

Pat Hill

Just one favorite?? Seriously? Birthday cake for part of a shawl or 50 shades of yay for the close to you shawl.


Those 3 colors in the combo are gorgeous, I would not have thought to put them together. They would be pretty in the Annisa Wrap. If I had to pick one color it would be supernova for a Reyna shawl.


My favorite color is Saffron. I am in love with yellow which used to hard to find and I would make a crescent shawl with it.


Flora and Fauna for a "Crooked Ewe" cowl! Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance.

Christine Frostenson

Paper flowers is my favorite color way! Love those deep, rich colors!

Catherine Hinz

They are all so beautiful but I would say that Art Deco is my favourite.
I would knit a shawl.


Lilac Riot, and I think I'd make Zosia .


Saffron! I've been wanting to knit Sizzle Pop for a while now


This is a hard choice as they have such beautiful colors. Harmonic velvet would be my choice to make a lovely pair of fingerless mitts.


My favorite colour is Bouquet, i always fall for green and purple combos. Because of the cashmere component i would knit a shawlette or cowl with it

Evette Wissler

Fun! My favorite of the day is Sock Star, and I'd make this!

Patricia Gibson

I am so in love with YL Goidilocks MISTY SUNRISE. I would knit
And wear it to the beach on a misty morning.

Rhonda Kowalski

What a beautiful colorway. It matches the personality of my nine year old granddaughter. So I would make her a sweater.


Cosmopolitan is probably the most delightful fuchsia I've seen in quite a while! It's practically begging to be a sweater. Maybe a traditional aran cable pattern in a very non-traditional color!

Mary K Ross

My favorite is Birthday Cake. Reminds of fluffy frosting topped with confetti. Perfect for my July birthday!


Really hard to pick just one but I think I'd have to go with Misty Sunrise. I like the delicate. Plies & id make a cat's paw scarf.


I'd love to make a shawl with Daffodil Daze.

Denise Mcdonald

Love the "Fairy Tale" colorway but how can you choose just one? Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.


I would use "Frog Prince" in Stephen West's "Squiggle Wiggle What?!

Claire Wooloff

My favorite is Bouquet and I'd knit a Lilli Pilli wrap with it!


So many beautiful colors. My eye was really drawn to Harmonic Violet! I need a pair of purple socks.


Harmonic violet caught my eye!


Unicorn Poop for sure!

Cindy C

I ordered Unicorn poop when you first got it in. I still think that is my fav.


Wow!! So many gorgeous colors!! I would love to knit up Unicorn Poop into a Zilver by Lisa Mutch. I have one in pink and it's so comfy I would love another one ;)


Goldilocks Cranberry would make awesome Monkeys!

Teresa C

Too many of those colors are just perfect.
I think Baroque, in a plain ribbed sock, is what I would cast on right now. If I could.

Sheila F

I love 50 Shades of Yay and Unicorn Poop equally. Would make a shawl or mitten/hat combo.


I love the Cosmopolitan color for sure. It's gorgeous! I would definitely knit a shawl, maybe rosewater or Ardent.

Sue Boisvert

Frog Prince! If I kiss him will he leap into my stash?


Beautiful colors. I like Cranberry and Daffodil Daze. I would make a brioche shawl.


50 shades of Yay... and I would make a sock hat...


I love the Baroque and would knit a shawl with it.


Have an idea for a sweater but need a special pop of color to blend with some existing skeins. Love Yarn definitely qualifies, perhaps Supernova, Blue Mosaic or maybe even the Birthday Cake colorway. Hmmm...

Alecia Helton

Unicorn poop. Who wouldn't love that name or a shawl out of those delightful colors!


My favorite is Fairy Tales - pink with beige and cream. I would make socks (of course).

Megan S.

Oh my! It's hard to pick just one! I'd go with 50 Shades of Yay for a Close To You shawl. Perfect for a single skein!

Deb Monnin

My favorite is baroque, and I'd make a shawl or big scarf with it! It'd look really nice with my winter coat!

Lisa p

I would choose flora and fauna to knit a tank top for me!!


I caked up a some Unicorn Poop just yesterday. I was going to make a baby kicking sack. But the more I look at it I think a baby sweater. I like the color even more wound into a cake and can't wait to see it on the needles.

Jane Penrose

I love the colorway Bouquet and think it would knit up a beautiful Bakersfield shawlette

Happy Birthday SSYC!


Saffron! I'd use it for the WW part of the Wonder Woman Wrap:

Sandra David

Oh, definitely Copper Canyon! My most memorable experiences involved trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This colorway reminds me of a clear Little Colorado River with the red rocks of Marble Canyon. And Havasu Canyon as well.


I would pick Candied Lemon- probably just a simple pair of socks, but the colour would be such a treat every time I wore them!

Bradleigh Dornfeld

Oil slick!! Would make a great v-neck boxy by Joji Locateli

Karen G.

I really like Oil Slick, with the charcoal black offset with bright pops of color. I've had my eye on a fingering weight shirt such as though I would go with different colors for that.


I love Copper Canyon - I'd have to knit it into a pair of vanilla socks so there was nothing distracting from the colors.

Caryn Brockton

My favorite Goldilocks is Oil Slick. I would pair it with Harmonic Violet and make a shawl - this pattern is especially pretty:


I love the Flora and Fauna colorway! It would be a great addition to the Bambara wrap I am working on.
This color set above is absolutely stunning!


Daffodil Daze is just awesome. I would probably use it to FINALLY whip up one of Ambah O'Brien's creations.

Lori Miller

Daffodil daze would make myself a lovely shawl 😍 I am just discovering all your lovely yarn !!! How did I miss this 😂

Michelle B

I would love to knit my very first shawl with Art Deco and antique teal as those are the exact colors of my bridemaids dresses when I got married oh so many years ago!

Ricki Kelly

I think Unicorn poop has to be my favorite! I want all the COLORS!!!!


There are so many lovelies to choose from but I think the daffodil daze has such a lovely summery combo of colours. Just finished knitting in a sweater-along and would like to knit another of Mary's patterns - I think Knit me Baby One more time would look great in this colour(!

Mary C.

Sock Star would make a beautiful pair of socks for early fall - warm fall colors with a hint of the bright blue sky. One of my favorite sock patterns is Scrolls by Charlene Church. That would be perfect!


Saffron is my fave! I'd make a seedstitch cowl for winter.


Love the Cranberry, it would be beautiful in a shawl...

Andrea B

I would use Art Deco to make a second Hitofude cardi.


I like Sock Star. I think it would make a nice cowl. I would make another Wolkig cowl - Marina Behm patter free on Knitty


I love all of the colors. Goldilocks Bouquet is where I'd like to start with a pair of lacy socks. The colors are so beautiful, and I know that I wouldn't want to stop knitting. Amazing!

Jenn H

I love daffodil daze! It would be a beautiful cowl!

Geraldine Scott

Magic Forest! Love the colors! I have so many sock patterns I want to I'd probably knit a pair!


I'm loving Antique Teal, it seems to fit the color scheme I have been using painting rooms this summer. I would make a shawl, but would have to spend hours on Ravelry finding just the right pattern before deciding which one.

amy g

This was very hard! But - one of my favorites is the Rosy Sunset. I would love it for a shawl/scarf pattern.


I would use Oil Slick to make an Antarktis shawl.


OMG, Lilac Riot is GORGEOUS!!! I could totally see that becoming an outrageous pair of loooong elegant gloves that match absolutely nothing I own.


I would choose Sock Star to make a Sockhead Hat

Debbie Kimball

I love Sock Star and the pops of color against the neutral. I would start out with rib and turn it into socks or gloves - whichever is calling my name while I am knitting. Crazy striped gloves are awesome to wear in the winter with a black or gray coat - they instantly cheer me up on cold days (:

Sharon Sigmon

MAGIC FORREST It's amazing! I love the rich colors.


My favorite is Daffodil Daze. But all three would be beautiful in the "Blossom" shawl by Ker Guened Knits from


I would choose Birthday Cake, for a pair of Pushmi-Pullyu socks.


Wow lots of great color, I love the Art Deco and would knit some type twisted stitches socks that would really make the color pop, Maybe I could even find something art deco.


Lilac Riot, Cosmopolitan, Art Deco or Oil Slick - so hard to choose with so many great colors! I'd probably use two colors for a big comfy shawl.

Joyce Donaldson

I love the Cosmopolitan it would make a great cowl to go with my winter coat


All three colors are almost too pretty to wear on one's feet, but Daffodil Daze would make a wonderful pair of socks!


Unicorn poop! Cause what's better than unicorn poop!?!? I'd knit a Miss Winkle with it since that pattern is awesome for crazy variegated yarn.


I think I'd use Supernova in a hitchhiker for some easy late summer knitting then have a new shawl in my favorite colors come fall.


Hard choice (so many lovelies) but I'd go with Bouquet, which would make a great pair of plain vanilla socks and really show off the colors.

Nancy F.

Blue Mosaic is beautiful. I'd use it to knit the Tartessos shawl from Knitty.


Thanks for the opportunity to win! My favorite is probably Misty Sunrise. Love how subtle the colors are in that particular skein. I'd probably knit it up with Rosy Sunset into a brioche pattern...likely Parlour by Lesley Anne Robinson (knitgraffiti)

Just have to rummage through my stash and see what would work for my third color! :)


It's kind of a toss up between Cranberry and Oil Slick. I'd use either as part of a fade shawl of some kind.

Shari H

I'd use Flora and Fauna to continue the shawl/scarf jag I'm on lately... possibly another Pincha.

Anne Hughes

So many pretty colors to choose from! I will go with Magic Forest. I would knit Anastasia Socks
by MintyFresh so I could see all the colors!!

Sandy Rice

I would use the Antique Teal to make a Rosewater Shawl. It would be a lovely summer color.

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