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July 24, 2017


Katherine S.

It was so hard to pick, but my favorite was sherbet. Followed by fruity loopies, followed by socktoberfest.... and supercolorfragalistic..... :)

Marie Sours

So many stunning colorways, but Royal and Hush are my favorties


Gandalf the gray! I saw a shawl in grey and black tones that was gorgeous.

Annie Clark

My grandson adores Muddy Autumn, he is a nonverbal 4 year old who loves vibrant color. I let him choose yarns for the projects I make for him and he has not gone wrong yet. I would have picked Raspberry Beret but he nixed it, lol. Thank you for the wonderful contest!

Peggy bergman

The colors are all beautiful. I would love to create with Gandolf the grey!

Rebecca Dunn

Tardis Blue, please. Our daughter is a huge Doctor Who fan. I want this color to make her a tardis hat. Great contest!

Stella Matthes

Autumn's Up gives me a western vibe like turquoise against against the mesas! So many great colors!!

Lugarda Cappetta

A Speck of Autumn. A little out of my usual color choices but I love it.

Brenna B.

Grimm or Supreme Black Dalek. I really can't decide!

Colleen D'Allura

Put the lime in!!

Stephanie Fraser

This is an incredibly difficult choice. All the yarns are AMAZING!!!! If I havt to choose only one I'm going to say, BMFA STR LT DANCING IN THE MOON. The colors so rich and beautiful!


Oh I would love to see heckley speckly in a huge skein!!!


Haida, oh yes. Haida. Such love.

Kyla Shoemaker

Dancing in the Moon and Grimm Green

Kat Gatzke

So tough to choose one! But right now one of my faves is Stars Hollow.


There's something about BMFA's yellows that I just can't look away from. Samhain is my pick.

Rachel R.

TOUGH decision! I am totally torn between Gandalf the Grey and Big Brain Blue!

Lisa E Richardson

They are all beatiful but I really love the Arctic Puffin!!


Smoke on the Water...a fire in the sky!

Now the song is stuck in my head. lol
Thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely yarn.


Beach Blanket!

Joanne Christman

WoW! The STR LT Grimm is really lovely. You did a great job with the shading!


Bet you thought is calling to me....

Beverly Miller

River Rock strikes my Fancy.


I really like the Smoky Mountain Morn colorway.

Yenchia Feng

Angelus is my favorite! It was a tough choice though because they are all so stunning.

Wendy Yount

I always love light grey and purple together. They just seem to compliment each other nicely.


I like Smokey Mtn Morn


Samhain. But very hard to choose, so many good colors.


I love Samhain!

Alecia Helton



Sadly I ordered only one "TRUE BLOOD" Red (along with several other stunning BMFA skeins) and I am sorry I didn't get more of this beautiful color..


I love the dark broodiness of "Blackbird". It was so difficult to pick just one! (Spawn of Scum, I haven't forgotten you!)


Gin Blossoms! Also, I finally got to visit your shop today, it was so much fun!

Karen G.

I would love Jade for a fall travel project I am planning.

Donna Reed

Grimm Green for me!

Verna A.

I really like Winter Wonderland!

Jane Page

Very hard to pick just one colorway, but since I have to pick, I love Raspberry Beret. I love the bright pinks and bit of purple of this beautiful colorway.


Who could resist Huegasmic? Great color, great name!


Beach Blanket Bingo for me!

Kim in Oregon

Dancing in the Moon! Gorgeous colors!


I love Neon Lights on Bway.

Jen Miller

Definitely Fire on the Mount. 😊

G. K. Green

Tardis Blue is my choice (and entry). (Full disclosure: I will be using three skeins of it and only two skeins of Scarlette Begonias, so I went with the color I plan to use more of ...). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Tiffany Tscherne

Ohhhhh... Lady Edith

Deb J

Smoke on the Water!!!


Hush is my favorite. Love the combination!

Juanita Golueke

I just love all the colors, but the one that spoke to me this time was Muddy Bottom Break.

Vanya Walker

Love Bet You Thouht!


Bet You Thought! But I like a lot of the others, too. Thanks for the contest, and for carrying this great yarn.

Jennifer Cameron

Fire on the mount and I'd make this scarf with it:


Aubergenius is an oldie but goodie colorway; it is still a favorite!


Ohh I really like that Bite Me, sassy name for a sassy color!


My current choice isn't playing nice with my device so it is below. It wants to auto correct it to She persisted and it isn't listed that way. But second place is a tie of about 6 so I will happily watch to see what colors eventually make the grade.

My favorite favorite is Shepersisted


I think that Rooky would make a beautiful sweater!

Ena R Gillette

OH Fire on the MOUNT!!! It was so hard to choose as I scrolled, so many lovely selections, but this one reminds me of that splendid transition between summer and fall and I've never seen a palette quite capture that so wonderfully. My 70 year old mom's feet are always freezing. She could use a bit of that color and comfort!!!


Delirium makes me sigh.

Joyce Gravino

Oh very hard to pick just one. I think Spike is my favorite right now.

Leslie Tidaback Hilmer

Loving that Muddy Autumn!


Prism is just such a happy color that one couldn't be sad while knitting with it. I would choose Prism

Patsy Coats

Raspberry Beret


I really like the looks of Haida!

Sarah R

I like Angelus both for the colours and it's name - one of my favourite hiking huts here in NZ is Lake Angelus. Having said that I also quite like Blackbird, Sea Scum Run and Samhain. Oh and Smokey Mtn Morn. So many beautiful colours!


Smoky Mtn Morn, Arctic Puffin, and Bet you Thought


Wow! Arctic puffin is beautiful!!!


It's so tempting to choose a speckled skein, like In a Pickle, but Fire On the Mountain really called to me! It's gorgeous!

Susan Eberhardt

Angelus. I like all of the colors and would happily take one skein of each and knit socks for hours on end, but the Angelus is one of my favorite prayers, so there's my winner!

Kelli L.

So difficult to choose! I honestly had pick one purely based on name as I love reading the them! I think I would have to go with "Bite Me" - we are in the process of selling/purchasing houses and having to wait on the mortgage companies are killing me. This would be a great pick me up!


I've been lately into colors like Grimm lately, but what sang to me as I scrolled today is Grayple!


I love the new Buffy-inspired colors, and am going to go with my favorite character: Willow!

Lisa B

Personally I'd like Gandolf the Grey - I love my greys - but I realize it's not a love everyone shares. Therefore, I also really like Angelus and it might appeal to a wider audience. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations on another successful year :)


Wonderful goodness . Toooooo many choices


This was really hard to just pick one but I love, love , love Madrona Madness!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Big Brain Blue


So hard...but maybe Big Brain Blue, or Scattering Particle...hmmm actually a sweater out of Scattering Particle would be pretty cool..


Lady Edith and I already have some but it is so pretty.


Big Brain Blue!


Jade! I've been really loving greens lately, and I'm trying to find yarn for a dotted ray shawl ;) this would be perfect!


I surely would love to see Heckley Speckley knit up, and if it were in the Sale section I might purchase it!

Mary C.

SO hard to chose one, but Bite Me is really pretty... and looks like a fall color combo.

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