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May 18, 2017



I am so glad you repurposed this wonderful building. My dad worked in that building for several years when it was a post office and I spent time there when he brought my sister and I to work with him. It brings back memories. I love the fact that you honor the heritage of the building with naming your yarn "Poste" and the label is the shape of a postcard. I so enjoy coming into the store to look around and of course I can never leave without buying something even if I don't need it! You are wonderful. Best of luck.


Cindy, thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing things about this block and especially my building. I was fortunate enough to tour one of the still-used post offices in town (on St Mary's) that still had the original tile and features before we restored this one. So cool that several of the 9 original similar buildings are still used as POs!
On a side note, the woman who makes the cupcakes for all our events is the granddaughter of the man who owned the pharmacy which was in our parking lot decades ago. Fort Wayne is a bigger city, but still a "small town."

Nancy DeMere

Allison, Congratulations!!! I have been a customer since the very beginning. Obviously, you have a great sense of style, color and merchandising. Also great business acumen for sure, and a hard worker. But I think your great success is because we can see that you are a genuinely nice, kind and caring individual. Here's to many, many years of yarny fun. I plan to help put those kiddos through college with my yarn purchases!


Congratulations, you have done an incredible job with your store. I love visiting-and buying- from Simply Socks. You make it so much fun!
Here's to at least another 6 years.
Smiles and thank you for contributing to my yarn addiction!

Lydia Chiang

Congratulations! And here's to many more years.


I live in Western Kansas and once I learned of Simply Socks, I knew I had to check it out. My husband drives a truck and was headed that way about two and a half years ago. I rode with him on that trip. We stopped at your shop and it was even cooler than I imagined! Loved the yarn and the building. Would love to make the trip again! Thank you!

Elizabeth DeLong

It always feels like Heaven walking into your store!
I hope it always feels that way to you too!
Congratulations To you and your staff!🎉🎉🎉🎉

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