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April 03, 2017


Joyce Correia

Best spring break was taking my two small kids to Pinnacles National Monument in central California. These pinnacles were originally in southern California but have shifted north because they are on the San Andreas earthquake fault line. We camped in a field a poppies and purple lupines and hiked among the pinnacles. Capped it off by going to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk for the ocean sights and the boardwalk rides.


After mostly going home to see my parents over spring break, one March several years ago, I was dating a man who was shocked that I'd never been to Washington, D.C. So he decided we should road trip to the nation's capital, and it was the first time I'd ever seen the places I'd read about in books or saw as backdrops on the evening news.


I'm also one of what seems to be a large group (judging by the comments) who has never been on a spring break, as a child or adult. My kids never went on Spring breaks and their kids haven't either, so it must be a family tradition!

Laure Trimmer

I had to chuckle when I read your spring break memory, as it is almost identical to mine! My parents were not teachers, but we packed up the family station wagon each year and went from Indianapolis to St. Petersburg, Florida. There were 3 of us kids, so two would sit in the back seat and one sat it in far back with all the "stuff". We took pillows and had a cooler in the back with drinks and lunch makings. I'm pretty sure we stayed at a Holiday Inn and spent a week swimming in the pool and seeing some sights.


Went to Florida with my mother and aunt on a 7day BUS trip. I was a Junior in high school, I was the only girl with a tan to go with my boyfriend to Senior prom lol


Spring Break when I was a kid meant staying put with house and farm chores as my father was a dairy farmer. If we went out of town it was only for the weekend because the cows would miss him and milk production would be affected.
Fast-forward to the present, we go to places we can drive to and see parts of the US we haven't seen before. Lots of reading aloud and knitting in the car. Road trip adventures!


My most memorable Spring Break was during my senior year of high school. I traveled by myself from Illinois to Arizona to visit my aunt and uncle. That was my first solo plane flight. The trip started with typical weather (mid to high 80s) for March and a visit to the Grand Canyon. About mid week, the weather turned unseasonably cool and I had to borrow a jacket as I had not brought one with me. I don't remember the actual temperature, but I have pictures of snow on cacti. The big irony is that the weather at home was perfect that week (sunny, mid 70s). Overall I had a great time and wouldn't have changed anything other than packing a jacket.

Kimberlyn Fauson

Definitely a trip to Washington, DC, in the days before everyone rode the metro or had GPS. We were on a road that was running parallel to the road we need to be on to get to the Lincoln Memorial. After following the map a few times and still not being able to get over there, my dad just drove over the boulevard separating the two roads. We still talk about that too this day!

Lori V

Our most memorable trip was not really all that flashy - we went to Cincinnati, but it was the only thing we could easily squeeze in before our husband/ daddy was deployed overseas. The weather was beautiful, and we had lots of fun. When he got back 10 long months later, we celebrated properly with a trip to Disney in Florida, but that little trip to Cincy holds a special place in my heart❤️


I never went on any spring break trips... we tended to save up for a big summer vacation which we could enjoy more! I do remember we took time to explore locally, and go to museums and parks around the area that we usually didn't have time to go to during the school year.


Two years ago, we packed up our teardrop trailer and road tripped from Fort Wayne, Indiana to West Palm Beach to visit friends and the beach. We left Fort Wayne in the middle of a storm with about 10-12" of snow on the ground and arrived to 80 degrees and sunny in Florida.


I took my daughters to Disneyworld in 1984. They were almost 11 & almost 8, the perfect ages IMHO - young enough to still really enjoy it but old enough to not tire out so I'd have to carry a cranky child. It was such a fun vacation. I was lucky that my supervisor let me take the time off. I had been promoted after I had made & paid for my vacation plans before I found out about my promotion. Going meant I'd miss the first few days of training class for my new job & not going meant I'd lose thousands of dollars in non- refundable tickets, etc - not to mention disappointing my daughters. Fortunately my manager did not decide work was more important than family & said the first few days of class were organizational anyway.


Never went on a trip for Spring Break.

Amy Spahr

I never had a spring break trip growing up. However, when I was in college I did one of those Apple vacations to the Bahamas. We did not have much money and the place we stayed in was a dump. Dirty and had cockroaches. But we had fun. Loved the music, the food and my friends.

Marie Hanes

We went to Washington DC when i was in 8th grade and the cherry blossoms were in bloom, the memorials were amazing and the Smithsonian! Amazing.


I've never been on a spring break trip.


Scuba diving in the Fl Keys for the week of spring break - except for the sunburn!


I spent a memorable college spring break on the beautiful beaches of St. Augustine Florida!


We mostly stay home. A few day trips to the zoo, movies and visit with cousins.


We drove from Virginia to my Grans in central Oklahoma, stopping at every tourist trap along the way that I could persuade my mom into.

Audra Daughtry

I've had some great spring break trips but the most memorable one was a ridiculous trip to Port Aransas in Texas. This is the most memorable because it was about forty degrees yet I was determined to get a tan. I positioned myself near the car to block the blustering wind with no consideration to the car's reflection, which gave me the worst sunburn of my life. So not only was it freezing-ass cold, I came away with a horrible burn. Oh to be young and stupid!

Sue Knower

I don't remember ever going anywhere for a family vacation during spring break! My father always planned our summer vacations way ahead of time, usually by January. And now my husband is a high school teacher who is exhausted by spring break so he just wants to relax at home!

Anna Baker

My family's epic spring vacation was circa 1992. I was 10, my brother was 5. We drove from Montana to Arizona. The car broke down en route near Cedar City, Utah; I ended up in the emergency room getting stitches after knocking my forehead on a hotel counter, and my brother left orange crayon in the rental car which the Arizona sun melted all over the back seat and his white stuffed polar bear. Epic.

Antoinette Overton

Definitely in college where I spent half my break in Panama City and immediately after flew straight to Italy!

Lindsey Rivir

Our family trip to Hilton Head Island, first time I had a Starbucks frappuccino.


It was 1983 and we drove to Florida with another family, 4 adults and 4 kids under 8 years old in a station wagon. The 8-track of Beach Boys played a continuous loop with Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Barbra Ann as the highlight. We lost and recovered a retainer, accidentally melted crayons in the backseat. When I asked my aunt a few years ago what they were thinking, her answer said it all... "well, we never did it again!"

Marjorie Millner

When I was a little kid, my parents packed all 4 of us kids into the car and drove from New Jersey, where we lived, to Florida to visit our grandparents, who went to Florida for several months every year. It was an idyllic vacation, and we visited Sanibel Island, where we collected amazing shells on the beach.


It was 1983 and we traveled from Toronto to Florida, 4 adults and 4 kids under 8 in a station wagon. Beach Boys on the 8 track. Good times.

Susanna W

We went to Yellowstone in 5th grade!

Maureen Sepkowski

Memorable but for a weird reason: my junior year of high school I had my wisdom teeth taken out right before spring break. I recovered, but my face bruised SO BAD. Towards the end of my break we went on a few college visits...where my mom introduced herself as my mom...and told everyone that I "had my wisdom teeth out...she doesn't get beaten I swear!" ...I really made a great impression there!


In college, a bunch of us went to St. Louis for a few days. We were broke so we did all the free things like the art museum, the zoo and just walking through downtown. We may have scraped together enough money for a tour of the Arch too. We had a great time!


When I was in college I went with a friend to Washington DC. I felt so grown up!


We went to Disney World in 2015 and it was great!


The USVI shortly after I started teaching. I have never seen anything like the blue waters of the Caribbean! Awesome!


My spring break trips were traveling to my sisters house when I was a teacher. We had the best time doing a lot of crafting and visiting.


I grew up in England during WWII so for six years no vacation trips for spring break or ant holiday.

Julie V

I can't recall a spring break where I took a trip, but I do love the time to take a break from school and get geared up for the end of the year!


When I was growing up, my parents would load up our little trailer and we would road trip back east on I-80 to see what my dad saw, being a long-haul truck driver. No AC in the truck, 55mph, mostly no radio reception and no 2nd seat! We would drive til well after dark and find someplace to stay the night. Every morning I would wake up some where new. One morning it was on the bank of the Mississippi where I caught my first fish and met the largest cat ever. When he looked into the pan on the stove to see what we were having while keeping his back feet on the floor it surprised everyone. To this day I still love road trips, doesn't matter to where! When I'm in one place for more than a couple days, I always feel disappointed somehow about the 3rd morning. Let's go see something new! Good times though.


I don't think I've ever been on a Spring Break I feel like I'm missing out!


The only spring break trip I really remember was my senior year of high school traveling around the east coast looking at schools with my Dad and my friend from Germany. It was great fun!


Destin, Florida, with a small group of equally impoverished college students. We all knew how to pinch a penny and made the most of a beautiful seaside trip, surviving on hot dogs and instant oatmeal.

Annette Poole

I went to Germany with a high school group.


Spring break trips were always to visit my grandparents in Philadelphia. The ten of us would pack up in the station wagon, with a gallon of milk and two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and start singing our way from the Washington DC area to Philadelphia. When we got tired of singing, we'd play Ghost (a word game), collect license plates, and play I Spy from Mom's list (a red barn, a sign with a specific word, etc.). In Philly, there'd be egg hunts, Easter baskets, and fun at the playground. And fun exploring the basement and attic, too!


The only Spring Break trip I ever remember taking was going to Quebec with my roommate when I was in college in Boston. We had no plans, we just got on a bus and went. Thankfully we found a great place to stay and had a blast while we were there.

Shawna   Bornman

Age 18 with my family at Disney. We had such a crazy time and it was the last real family vacation!!

Kat Gatzke

We never too trips for Spring Break. We saved our family trips for summer vacation time.

Barbara Rude

College we went to New Orleans, it was my first trip there, loved the jazz clubs and wonderful seafood oh yes and those beignets. I love everything about New Orleans.

Lisa T

In college my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I drove to Padre Island in a borrowed pickup with a camper and slept on an air mattress in the back right on the beach. There have been other vacations but that was probably my favorite.

Ann W.

Many, many years ago, my parents piled four kids in a car and drove to California to visit my aunt and uncle for spring break. We went to Disneyland (when it was new and Disney World did not yet exist). It was a great trip. I remember my youngest brother, when we were about 90 miles from home (in Wisconsin).asking my Dad if we were there yet.


We went to Prince Edward Island it was awesome!!!!!!


Spring break - as a kid we just stayed home and played with the neighbor kids. It was always near Easter so there was a family gathering on Easter weekend.
When my children were small we would just stay in the area. There were always plenty of free kid activities at the local libraries or museums. Spring break didn't mean spending lots of money but spending lots of time with each other.

Dari T

The best spring break trip I ever took was in 2008. I play in the regional symphony associated with a local college; that year, the entire music dept. (orchestra, choir, and band) went on a 10 day performance tour of Italy. There were 88 of us! We had an extraordinary time! My husband even got to celebrate his 40th birthday while we were there. We would do it again, any time!


My first plane ride by myself, down to Atlanta, to see my Grandparents. I was ten and very grownup.


I went to Hawaii with my family a few years ago! We have a huge family and don't get to vacation together very often, so it was really nice to be with them (and Hawaii's not too shabby either)

Liz Awsumb

Key West with my sisters :)


I scanned the comments, and I'm happy to see that I am not the only one who has never experienced a "Spring Break' trip. There was no such thing when I was a kid, and somehow our children missed out too.


Sadly I never did a spring break trip, not as a family and not while in college.


Advice we were given when we became parents was that the two things only you can give your children is music and travel. We tried to live by that and went on varied spring break trips. I think the most memorable was when Payton almost fell off the mountain. We hiked up to the top of one of the mountains in the Smoky Mountains and spent the night at the rustic LeConte Lodge. When hiking down the next morning, there was a bit of ice. Payton slipped, and I with catlike reflexes caught the top strap of her backpack while I held to one of the handrails bolted into the mountain. My husband had to come back and rescue us both. It was an adventure.

Zoe Juniper

We had a spring break treat 10 years ago, my husband and I had an all expenses paid trip to Hobbit land - New ZEALAND for a job interview. We had a great trip, left the children in the care for nanna and grandad. Little did we know that within 3 months we would have moved the whole family in New Zealand and took up knitting, crochet and spinning with all this yummy NZ yarn, But miss the variety of products available in the USA and UK!


I don't recollect taking spring break trips when I was small (we definitely took them in the summer and during February vacation, though), and when I was in college I was working during most breaks.

However, a few years ago, my partner and I did take a March vacation to Budapest when we unexpectedly found a cheap flight. Budapest is known for its cakes and its hot baths, both of which were truly excellent. We used their bikeshares to travel around the city, ate dinner on a moored boat on the Danube, took a trip out to Memento Park (a field at the edge of the city where they moved all the Communist propaganda statuary after the Iron Curtain was lifted), visited a church in a cave, watched the sun rise over the city from the foot of Liberty Statue, and slept in a charming garret in a small hotel and a magnificent chamber in what used to be a mansion. Thanks for letting me reminisce about such a nice vacation!

Nathalie MacKay

March break when I was 15. I met my first boyfriend at Disneyland-he asked to borrow my map to see where a ride was. We dated for 4 years long distance after that. LOL.


When I was a kid we lived in Cleveland, but my mother's parents lived in New York City. On spring break we would go to visit them, usually by car, but one memorable trip was by airplane!

In those days airline travel was a big deal. You dressed in your nicest clothes and we were so excited. The flight attendants (they were all women and called stewardesses then) were so nice to us, and my sister and I got airline pins.


My most memorable spring break was a driving trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, as an adult.... a great break from teaching, filled with hikes and walks during the day, dinners in the lodge and evening ranger programs!


I don't remember ever taking a spring break trip. When I was a kid, all our trips were during the summer. In college, I just caught up on homework and sleep. Pretty boring!

Jane Page

My best Spring Break memory is when I was a senior on high school. I went to Florida with three girlfriends. We traveled by airplane from Michigan to Ft. Lauderdale. It was a first plane ride for me and two of the other girls. I just remember feeling so grown up staying in a hotel, walking along the beach, and eating in restaurants without our parents. We had a great week away, and still talk of the memories from that trip!


We took our high school youth from WI to NC for a work trip. Camped out in tents in the mountains enroute complete with bears.


After reading this post I sat staring at the wall trying to remember ever going somewhere for spring break...nothing. Then I remembered my junior year of college when I wanted to invite one of my friends (female) home for part of the week. My parents came up with a bunch of excuses that all equaled "no." Later I asked if I could bring my boyfriend home for the weekend. Ironically they said yes. At the time I thought my parents were crazy...they wouldn't let me bring home one of my good friends but would let me bring home a guy. Now I realize they could see the writing on the wall and wanted to meet this guy dating their daughter. We all spent the following spring break at my boyfriends house planning our wedding. We've been married almost 23 years now.

Susan Eberhardt

My brother was in seminary in Boston 8 years ago, we decided to take both kids to see him, and to see some of historic Boston. The locals told us it was the nicest it had ever been in early April. We learned about "banging a left," we saw whales in P-Town, and walked the historic district. What a lovely memory!

Wendy Chase

I don't remember spring break vacations but we always made a trip up to the mountains as soon as we could for a picnic. I remember Easter Egg hunts in the snow and it was awesome.


When I read this post I spent a few minutes staring at the wall trying to think of anywhere we had ever gone for spring break while I was growing up...nothing. Then I remembered my junior year of college. I asked my parents if one of my good friends (female) could come home with me for part of the week. They came up with a bunch of excuses that all equaled "no". Then a little later I asked if I could bring my boyfriend home instead. I was shocked when they said yes and thought it highly ironic that they would let me bring home some guy but not one of my friends. Now I realize they could see the writing on the wall and wanted to meet this guy that was dating their daughter. He did come home with me for part of the week. We spent the next spring break at his parent's house planning our wedding. We have been married almost 23 years. I guess my parents knew what they were doing.


We never did any big trips as kids during spring oldest is oldy in grade 1 and this spring break she did a fun art and dance camp. She loved it!


We didn't take trips during spring break. We took a trip to FL one summer. We drove from Indiana to FL in a car with no air conditioning! Not something I recommend. I'm sure my brother and I fought in the back seat and made my parents crazy.


Spring break when I was about 20 years old flying out of Newark Airport in NJ during an ice and snow storm. We headed to Florida into their cold spell. We laid at the pool with blankets and just our faces exposed to the sun. This was before I learned how to knit!

CJ Jones

My favorite spring break was when I lived in Savannah to attend grad school. My girlfriends and I drove to NYC to attend an amazing performance by the Wooster Group, barely slept and went to MOMA the next day, then drove back. It was awesome and intense.

Judi S

When I was in school we didn't have spring break, just a day or two around Easter. The traveling we did was camping in the summer, I dreaded it. When my children had spring break we had to work so no traveling. In high school my sons usually went snowboarding in Colorado, nothing out of the country.

Caitlin A

For senior year, my parents took me, my best friend, and my best friend's younger brother to Disney World. Considering that all three of us were moody teenagers, this was no small undertaking on my parents' part. The pictures from the trip show all of us glaring at the camera like we hated every second of it, but we really had a great time and it's one of our favorite memories from high school.

Suze Bailey

The years we lived in Rhode Island, the kids and I headed to Florida to beach it with my folks. One year, one of the kids came down with the measles the day before we were headed home. So I planned to stay long enough for her to be over the hump but my sone got the measles too and and we ended up staying more than two weeks. Most of it spent stuck at my folks house. Crazy time.


Favorite spring break trip was to the Grand Canyon. We saw Elk close to the lodge and hiked below the rim. There was snow on the canyon and no summer crowds. It was a fun break from school for the kids and a nice break from tax season for me.

Joani Feiner

Lake Tahoe when I was a kid 😊


About 10 years ago, I took my mom, first 5 daughters (#6 wasn't born yet), and I on a road trip to San Diego for some girl time. My kids were 12, 11, 2 (twins), and 1. Upon arrival at the hotel, I promptly locked my keys in the car. We had booked a suite, and requested 3 Porta cribs. By bedtime that night, they had only brought up 1 crib, and refused the other 2 (which had been confirmed on booking), citing fire code violations. My mom and 11 year old each took a double bed in one room, while my 12 year old & I shared the pull out couch with the 2 year Olds, while the baby had the crib. One girl had me pinned, as she was asleep across my legs, while the other twin slid out of bed, waved to me, and went to play in the other room. All I could do was watch her go, while silently wishing my mom good luck. Needless to say, after a chat with the manager the next day, 2 more cribs were provided and sleeping arrangements were changed for the remainder of the trip, and we all had a great time together.


In tenth grade, my cousin and I planned a trip to visit my grandparents in Sarasota, Florida during typing class. Somehow when we got home we both asked and were allowed to go. Good times!


I never had a spring break trip. When our oldest daughter was checking out colleges we took her and her best friend to Phoenix AZ for her spring break. It was warm and beautiful there!


My most memorable Spring Break is because of the ride home, not the trip itself.
We'd driven from DC to New York like we did every Spring. We always spent Easter with my Grandma. This trip we got a surprise from Mother Nature-a snowstorm to drive home in! I remember remember being frightened but at the same time yelling my younger siblings "dad will make sure we're okay". The darker it got the more the snow came down. My mother finally convinced my dad to pull into a motel in New Jersey. We spent several days snowed in there on our extended vacation.


Our parents took my two sisters and me on a road trip to Florida, stopping in southern states for the night. We went to Disney World -- this is a long time ago and it wasn't anywhere near as developed as now -- then to visit my uncle's family at an Air Force base, then to Boca Raton. It was the most extended trip my family ever took when we were growing up.


We went to Arches and Canyonlands in Utah, we had a German exchange student who thought we were crazy to run up to the top of a huge sand dune and ran down, slipping and sliding as fast as we could. The scariest part was the two teenage boys who would run along the edges of Canyonlands, a 2,000 foot drop down. I screamed and yelled and it did no good. I will never take teenage boys there again.

Patty McDonald

My Mom was a single mom, and we couldn't afford any trips on Spring Break. When my kids were in school their Spring Break was different from mine. I was a School Nurse. Thank heavens that got changed, but by then my kids were out of school.

Linda L in Wisconsin

I was 26. My fiancé and I drove to Orlando. With his mother. It averaged 50°F while we were there. I wore the same pair of jeans for five days straight. It sucked.


We often think about traveling for spring break, and then are too tired to follow through, or the weather turns out rainy. However, last year, a friend and I took our teenage girls to southern California to go on college tours. Our end point was San Diego, where we stayed at a beach house for four nights. That made for a terrific spring break, and the weather was great too.

Jeanne Bush

My family didn't take spring break trips when I was a kid. We'd go to Lake Tahoe in the summer but just hang about for spring break.


A couple of times we went camping in the BC interior with a few other families. It might have been "spring," but wow, it was still really cold!!


I went with my brothers and sisters to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It was huge fun, but the fact that I met my husband there is what makes it the most memorable one!

Hazel Swoboda

My most memorable was the year my husband and I went on a cruise together, and left the children behind with our trusted caregiver. The day before we left, my oldest son came into our bedroom and asked 'Mom, why are all these spots all over me?'. Yes, he had chicken pox. But we still went, and he survived! The other 2 got it after we came home- so I didn't get to escape the whole thing!

Sue Boisvert

No Spring break trips as a kiddo but many wonderful trips as a Mom. I do, however, recall the whole laying in the back of the station wagon thing for summer and Thanksgiving drives to visit family. If we were good we got to lay in the back - if we were naughty we had to sit on the seat wearing our seat belts. Probably fortunately for us - it was hard to be good - spent a lot of time in the seatbelt :)

Vicki R.

My favorite spring break vacation was Disneyland and Universal studios.

Judi Kennedy

Never had a Spring Break trip. Parents worked all the time. By the time I was old enough to go on my own, I was working. Such is life.


My best spring break was bringing my roommate home with me. she was a city girl and loved being in the "woods" seeing cows and trees and so forth..we had a blast!!!!


Sydney for a long weekend when we were kids. We did all the touristy things like the Opera House, Zoo, ferries, Bondi Beach and The Rocks. We especially loved room service!


One of my most memorable spring break was just about 5 years ago when my husband and I went to Italy and Austria on our way to Armenia to visit our youngest son who was serving in the Peace Corp. We had not seen him in almost a year. We had a great time visiting him and enjoyed our trip of a lifetime. When we were in Rome walking down a side street, we ran right into my sister and her husband! That was so strange. We didn't even know they were going to be there. We live 2000 miles away from each other.and don't see each other very often. It was a wonderful spring break!

Lynne Nagle

We didn't grow up calling it Spring Break. Our school usually had a week's time off for Easter vacation. We didn't take any trips during this time, but we did spend a lot of time getting ready for Easter. We went shopping for our Easter outfits (complete with matching hat, shoes, gloves, and purse for me!) and we did fun stuff like dyeing eggs, making decorations, and crafting little paper baskets filled with candies for the residents in the local nursing home and some of our elderly neighbors. There were a bunch of other fun activities, too that actually made Easter my favorite holiday over Christmas!

Leslie H

One spring break my aunt and uncle took me and two of my sisters to the Florida Keys for unknown reasons - they had never taken us anywhere without our parents before but we had a lot of fun. I remember my sister got super sun burnt - so much that her nose swelled and we made fun of her the whole long drive home lol.

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