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March 17, 2017


Julie V

Gorgeous! How many skeins of yarn come with each kit? I am thinking one skein, but wanted to check since I haven't ordered a kit before. Thanks!

Kathie Frazier

Next Wednesday or March 29? Need to mark my calendar!!!


Thanks for asking, Kathie. They come up for sale on the 22nd!
Julie, you'll get one skein in each kit. I show several in a pictures to show the variation between skeins. I hope this helps!


Love your kits. How much are extra skeins? Are they sock yarn?


Hi Tammy, we usually don't have extra skeins- just enough for the kits. But I do think we have a couple extra in the Hedgehog Fibres color, so after you order your kid, please e-mail and we might have an extra for you. But we might not know until a week or two after (once every kit has arrived to its destination).


That LITLG skeinejust too my breath away. Glad it's going on sale after I get home from D.C. Room many distractions here & noreliably safe wifi to order over.


Oh o! I made a mistake! It's the day we leave! Well, I guess I'll just risk it.


Is the hedgehog fibres single ply? It looks like it.

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